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fire rated polystyrene sandwich panel

Fire rated polystyrene sandwich panel (silicate-polystyrene panel ) is a high-quality fireproof, thermal insulation board made of siliceous rock cement and fly ash as cementitious materials, supplemented with modified polystyrene particles, diatomite, sepiolite powder and other light fillers, adding functional additives, mixing, foaming, covering the surface with alkali resistant glass fiber cloth, pressing, curing, cutting and other processes. Silicate-polystyrene sandwich panel and rock wool sandwich panel are thermal insulation materials, and their combustion performance reaches class A.


The silicate-polystyrene sandwich panel is a new type of environmental protection and energy saving foamed plastic plate, which is injected into the catalyst with polystyrene resin and polymer under the heating and mixing, and then extruded and continuously extruded. The inside is an independent closed bubble structure. It is a kind of thermal insulation material with high compression resistance, low water absorption rate, moisture resistance, air permeability, light weight, corrosion resistance, anti-aging and low thermal conductivity. It is commonly used in the construction industry at present.


fire rated sandwich panel for wall and roof 

technical information: 

  • product name: fire rated panel for wall and roof

  • panel thickness: 50/75/100mm

  • panel width: wall 1150mm/roof 960mm

  • panel length: as project need

  • metal skin thickness: 0.3/0.35/0.4/0.45/0.5/0.6

  • metal skin type:

       pre-coated galvanized steel sheet 

       stainless steel sheet 

  • regular coating type:

       Fluorocarbon coated PVDF/polyester PE coating

  • stainless steel thickness: 0.4/0.5mm

  • core insulation: silicate-polystyrene

  • density: 60kg/m3,  80kg/m3

  • color: white grey, sea blue, or customized

  • Thermal conductivity:  0.022-0.040W/(m.k)

  • connection way: tongue-and-groove

  • minimal order quantity: any quantity required

  • lead time: within 7 days

  • total weight per container: less than 20 tons

  • application:  it is used for outer wall, inner partition, roofing sheet of the projects which required thermal resistance and fire resistance but with a reasonable budget.


Tongue and Groove joint


roof panel

Characteristics of silicate-polystyrene sandwich panel

  • Excellent thermal insulation performance


This fire rate panel is mainly made of polystyrene, which is originally an excellent low thermal conductivity raw material, supplemented by extrusion to form a compact honeycomb structure, so as to effectively prevent heat conduction. The thermal conductivity of polystyrene board is 0.028 / m.k, with the characteristics of high thermal resistance and low linear expansion, and the thermal conductivity is far lower than that of other thermal insulation materials. At the same time, the board has light material, low price and stable chemical and physical structure, which can ensure the durability and stability of the thermal insulation performance of the material. Therefore, it is one of the excellent thermal insulation materials in the world.


  • High strength compression resistance


The compressive strength of this fire rated polystyrene board is very high, and the blister remains unchanged even for a long time. It has great bearing capacity and good impact resistance.


  • Superior water resistance and moisture resistance


This fire proof polystyrene panel has a tight closed cell structure, the polystyrene molecular structure itself does not absorb water, and there is no gap on the front and back of the board. Therefore, the water absorption is very low, and the moisture-proof and impermeability are excellent.


Difference between silicate-polystyrene sandwich panel and rock wool sandwich panel


  • Difference of effect

The difference between rock wool sandwich panel and silicon-polystyrene sandwich panel is that rock wool board can not only withstand high temperature, but also absorb noise. It is a good decorative fireproof board.


  • Differences between application scenarios

If it is used in noisy buildings, it is recommended to use rock wool sandwich panel, because the sound absorption effect of rock wool panel is better than that of silica-polystyrene board, and it is better to use silica-polystyrene sandwich panel in cold storage and other occasions with high heat insulation requirements.


  • Differences in raw materials

Rock wool panel, also known as rock wool insulation board, is a fireproof material made of basalt as the main material and silica-polystyrene board mainly made of polystyrene as the raw material.


Difference between silica-polystyrene panel and polystyrene panel


Siliceous-polystyrene sandwich panel is a new product developed by introducing the latest film covering process in South Korea. It can produce high-grade plates with a class A flame- retardant degree. It is a new type of fireproof and thermal insulation material. It also has the advantages of moisture-proof, sound insulation and strong durability. The traditional foam insulation panel, on the contrary, does not fire, burning fast, it is difficult to extinguish fire, and it is easy to cause casualties.


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