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fire proof eps sandwich panel

The new thermal insulation fire proof foam sandwich panel basically adopts the granular fire insulation film technology. Through copolymerization modification, EPS monomer particles have the same performance as fire-proof materials. The micro phase composite technology is used to form a layer of fire-resistant insulating film on the particle surface with each organic material, so that each particle forms a relatively independent organic particle fire-resistant unit. In the case of flame, a continuous honeycomb structure is formed to block heat, block the propagation and penetration of flame and prevent combustion. This fire proof eps panel is lighter than the traditional polystyrene panel. The lightweight material does not increase the additional burden of the building envelope, reduces the possibility of leakage due to excessive structural load, and the thermal conductivity of this new material is lower. Taking an example, this new type fire proof eps panel is only 0.036 w / m.k, which is significantly improved compared with the 0.042w / m.k of the traditional polystyrene panel, and the thermal insulation effect is better. In use, it can be operated according to the design characteristics and functional requirements of the project and the actual construction conditions.


fire proof eps panel

technical information: 

  • product name: fire proof eps panel 

  • panel thickness: 50/75/100mm

  • panel width: wall 1150mm

  • panel length: as project need

  • metal skin thickness: 0.3/0.35/0.4/0.45/0.5/0.6

  • metal skin type:

       pre-coated galvanized steel sheet 

       stainless steel sheet 

  • regular coating type:

       Fluorocarbon coated PVDF/polyester PE coating

  • stainless steel thickness: 0.4/0.5mm

  • core insulation: fire proof foam

  • density: 20kg/m3,  25kg/m3

  • color: white grey, sea blue, or customized

  • Thermal conductivity:  0.036W/(m.k)

  • connection way: tongue-and-groove

  • minimal order quantity: any quantity required

  • lead time: within 7 days

  • total weight per container: less than 20 tons

  • application:  it is used for outer wall, inner partition, roofing sheet of the projects which required thermal resistance and fire resistance but with a reasonable budget.


Tongue and Groove joint


Characteristics of fire proof eps sandwich panel

After decades of continuous development, people have higher and higher requirements for building energy-saving and thermal insulation technology. On the one hand, the energy-saving design standard has gradually increased from 50% to 75%, the structural safety and fire safety of energy-saving and thermal insulation technology have also become an important decisive factor for the self-selection of building energy-saving market. Especially since the promulgation and implementation of GB50016 code for fire protection design of buildings, organic thermal insulation materials with excellent thermal insulation performance have been greatly limited in the scope and form of use because they are burning B1 and B2 materials. At the same time, although the inorganic thermal insulation materials are class A material, which can well meet the relevant application requirements of gb50016 code for fire protection design of buildings, the thermal conductivity of inorganic thermal insulation materials is too large to meet the requirements of 75% energy saving standard. Then, under the condition of double control of energy-saving 75% standard and GB50016 code for fire protection design of buildings, how to choose a single thermal insulation material? Can we provide a safe and reliable composite material for the building energy-saving market?


​On the premise of increasing energy-saving standards, the new type fire protection eps sandwich board can expand the application of color steel inorganic thermal insulation materials in the field of thermal insulation.


The advantages of this new fire protection eps panels are:

  • It can be constructed as usual in winter, with excellent stability and corrosion resistance.

  • Long service time, no deterioration and decomposition with time.

  • No harmful substances, very stable chemical properties.

  • No deterioration due to water absorption or corrosion. It can maintain good performance even in high temperature environment.


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