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Mgo sandwich panel manufacturer

MGO sandwich panel (Magnesium oxysulfide) has emerged in recent years which biggest advantage is that it will not absorb moisture and return to brine, and there are many sources of magnesium sulfate as a material, including the reuse of industrial waste acid.


The main raw materials of magnesium oxysulfide panel are: magnesium oxide (origin from Northeast China), magnesium sulfate (preparation of industrial waste acid and magnesium oxide,

by-product of coastal chemical industry, reaction of pure sulfuric acid and magnesium oxide). Other added materials: modifier, accelerator/retarder, sawdust/fly ash, expanded perlite (as the sanding layer of sanding board).


Magnesium oxysulfide is usually formulated with magnesium sulfate solution with Baume degree of 28, and magnesium oxide with activity of 85%.

Magnesium oxysulfide overcomes the problem of moisture absorption and anti-halogen of the original magnesium oxychloride, which is easy to warp and deform.

Magnesium oxysulfide sandwich panel improves the strength, avoids warping deformation and halogenation, and makes the stable market application of magnesite products more reliable.


Performance characteristics of MGO sandwich panel:

1. Air-hardening: The setting and curing mechanism of magnesium oxysulfide plate is different from that of ordinary Portland cement. It is an air-hardening cementing material and does not harden in water.


2. Multi-component: magnesium oxysulfide is a multi-component product which is composed of calcined powder and magnesium sulfate, with other components including water, modifier and filler.  One-component product has no strength after hardening with water.

3. Mild and non-corrosive to steel: magnesium oxysulfide plate uses magnesium sulfate as the blending agent without chloride ions which is non-corrosive to metal steel compared with magnesium oxychloride fire-proof plate, magnesium oxysulfide plate can replace magnesium oxychloride plate to reduce the risk caused by chloride ion corrosion of steel plate.

4. High strength: the compressive strength and flexural strength of magnesium oxysulfide plate can reach 60MPa and 9MPa after modification.


5. Air stability and weather resistance: mgo board is a gas hardening cementing material, which can continue to solidify and harden only in the air, which makes it have good air stability. After the mgo board is solidified, the drier the air in the environment, the more stable it will be. The test shows that in dry air, the compressive strength and flexural strength of mgo board increase with the age, and they are still increasing until the age of two years, which is very stable.


6. Low burning degree and low corrosion: the pH value of the slurry filtrate of mgo board fluctuates between 8 and 9.5, close to neutral, and has little corrosion to glass fiber and wood fiber because of the stability of sulfate ion much higher than that of chloride ion.


7. Low light density: the density of magnesium oxysulfide board (1600~1800 kg/m ³) is generally only 70% of that of ordinary Portland cement products (generally 2400~2500 kg/m ³). 


8. Fireproof performance: The fire resistance time of 50 mm thick magnesium oxysulfide color steel sandwich panel is ≥ 1H, the fire resistance time of 75mm thick plate is ≥ 2H, and the fire resistance time of 100mm thick plate is ≥ 3H. The magnesium oxysulfide core material has passed the test of the National Fire Protection Building Material Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and the metal magnesium oxysulfide sandwich panel meets the requirements of the fire protection standards GB8624-2006, GB/T20285-2006, and GB/T5464-2010.

9. Thermal insulation performance: thermal conductivity of magnesium oxysulfide = 0.055W/MK


10. Waterproof and moisture-proof features.

The water absorption of magnesium oxysulfide color steel sandwich panel is ≤ 0.8%. After water absorption it has certain water permeability, will not have irregular deformation, and will not produce chemical reaction, and has strong stability.

11. The core material is highly adhesive to the metal skin.


12. Good sound insulation performance.


magnesium oxysulfide sandwich panel specification

  • product name: magnesium oxysulfide sandwich panel

  • panel thickness: 50/75/100mm

  • panel width: 200~1180mm

  • panel length: as project need

  • metal skin thickness: 0.4/0.45/0.5 mm

  • metal skin type:

       color coated galvanized steel sheet 

       stainless steel sheet 

  • regular coating type:

       Fluorocarbon coated PVDF

       polyester PE coating

  • stainless steel thickness: 0.4/0.5 mm

  • color: white grey or customized

  • connection way:

       tongue-and-groove joint / by built-in alum.                            

  • minimal order quantity: 300 sqm

  • lead time: within 7 days

  • total weight per container: less than 20 tons

Choose a right type of sandwich panel for your project

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