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Clean Room Walkable Ceiling

Since there are temperature control requirements in the clean room, in order to ensure that the loss of cold and heat in the clean room within a controllable range, the ceiling of the clean room needs to have excellent insulation to achieve the goal of energy conservation. Currently, the color steel sandwich panel is popular for the clean room ceiling which has excellent thermal insulation and sound insulation performance, then it can ensure the energy loss of the purification air conditioning system is minimized.

Both of machined made and handmade panels are suitable for clean room ceiling system, which option better is depend on your project budget and if a walkable ceiling required. Handmade panel costs higher then machined made panel, and there is some difference for the panel joints between these two types of panels, if you want to know their difference, you can kindly visit here

Clean room walkable ceiling features and why need a clean room walkable ceiling?
  • The pressure inside the clean room needs to be greater than outside to ensure that the clean environment inside is not affected or contaminated by external environmental factors. Therefore, the ceiling material of the clean room requires good airtightness to ensure that the air pressure is maintained at the required level, while strengthening the resistance to external pollution. The steel skeleton structure and design of sandwich panel make it have good airtightness, which meets the clean requirements.

  • A clean room requires that all components inside can either be replaced after contamination or be repeatedly scrubbed. Strict control of bacteria requires that the material must be resistant to corrosion such as disinfectants, especially for some production workshop of chemical products which has a higher requirement. So clean room ceiling must have durability and corrosion resistance. The metal skin of sandwich panel can be stainless steel, or color coated galvanized steel plate painted by different types of powders to meet the anti-corrosion requirement.

  • Clean room wall and ceiling must have properties of waterproof, fireproof, and anti- fouling. During the cleaning process of the clean room, a large amount of water is used for operation and maintenance, which requires the ceiling needs to have good waterproof performance and a smooth surface, and there is no need to worry about bacterial growth in wet conditions.​​

  • There are a large number of equipment components installed on the clean room ceiling, such as fire sprinklers, smoke detectors, high-efficiency filters, light panels, mechanical and ventilation pipelines etc. These facilities require construction and subsequent regular maintenance. Therefore, the ceiling needs to be load-bearing, able to withstand deformation and cracks, and have a certain degree of impact resistance. Currently, the most suitable ceiling material for clean room is insulated sandwich panel, if you have a concern for higher strength, you can prefer a clean room walkable ceiling.

Clean room walkable ceiling specification
  • panel thickness: 50/75/100 mm

  • standard panel width: 1000/1180 mm

  • non standard panel width: 200-1180 mm (panel width can be exactly size required, no need to cut on site)

  • panel length: as project need, maximum 6 m.

  • metal skin thickness: 0.4/0.45/0.5 mm

  • metal skin type:

       color coated galvanized steel sheet 

       stainless steel sheet 

  • regular coating type:

       Fluorocarbon coated PVDF

       polyester PE coating

  • stainless steel thickness: 0.4/0.5 mm

  • core insulation: polyurethane/rock wool/MgO etc;

  • color: white grey, sea blue, or customized

  • connection way:  by built-in alum.      

  • minimal order quantity: any quantity required

  • lead time: within 7 days

  • packing: in bulk or by plywood pallet or plywood case

Clean room walkable ceiling installation

Clean room ceiling is assembled by various types of aluminum profiles, non-walkable ceiling normally use machine made sandwich panel which is supported by T alum. and clean room walkable ceiling normally use handmade sandwich panel which has a stronger structure and it is supported by a built in ceiling hang alum.  To know more about the decoration aluminum accessories, you can kindly click here.  

Of course, if a ceiling is strong enough for walking upon by maintenance personnel of HEPA filters and lighting fixtures repair, it is still related to the insulated panel type applied for the project, popular type is MgO panel with high strength or rock wool sandwich panel which has good fire rated performance. 


The installation sequence is: 

  • First hanger rod, to fasten to the existing steel structure roofing frame or existing concrete roof;

  • Second ceiling grid, fixed to the hanger rod by bolts;

  • Last is the ceiling panel;

You should kindly read carefully the ceiling layout before the installation job, and adjust with a laser level and receiver during the installation. The maximum length for machine made ceiling panel is 11.8 meter, and maximum length for handmade panel is 6 m, but for ceiling, it is not suggested for a long panel, it is better to control under 2.4 meter, and it needs something like angle steel to strengthen once the ceiling panel is long.  


1. If the clean room walkable ceiling panel same materials or different from the clean room wall ?

Re: clean room wall and ceiling panel can use the same type of sandwich panel, or by different type, this can be discussed based on your specific projects

2. If the color for clean room walkable ceiling panel be customized ?

Re: Sure, color can be tailor made based on your project requirement and quantity.

3. How to separate the wall panel from ceiling panels when receiving the panels ?

Re: We have a label system for different area of clean room as below, you will easily sort out the materials on site. 


4. What is the packing method for clean room wall and clean room walkable ceiling panels ?

Re: It can be put into container by bulk, or packed into a wooden pallet or wooden case or according to your requirement. 

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