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Clean room panel, door, window, aluminum profiles manufacturer 

One stop sourcing service for clean room projects and prefab housing projects

We start our business from insulated sandwich panel and temporary prefab housing. Now our business extend to clean room filed, including clean room partition, clean room ceiling, doors and windows, aluminum decoration profiles, vinyl flooring etc. We have supplied construction materials for many projects including labor camp, site office, storage warehouse, school, hotel, hospital, electronic plant, pharmaceutical workshop, cosmetics factory, food factory, biotechnology workshop, laboratory etc. in domestic market and oversea countries. We have kept long time cooperation with our customers based on our strict control on product quality and on-time delivery. 

clean room design
class 100 clean room
one stop service for clean room and prefab house projects 
class 10000 clean room

We provide sourcing service for related building materials if required to save your time since we locate in a city of many construction material factories and have a reliable supply chain.  

If you are interested in our recent project case, you can kindly click here to check, and if you want to get more knowledge about sandwich panel industry, clean room industry, you can kindly follow our blog, we will have regular updates there. 

Our Products


Sandwich panel is used for roofing, wall, partition and ceiling for clean room projects and prefab housing with different insulation option and target price. 

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wall and ceiling for pharmaceutical workshop, food factory, beauty products factory

Clean room panel is used for wall and ceiling for clean room projects like production workshop for pharmaceutical, medicine, food, cosmetics, skin care products and lab etc. 

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Hospital Wall

This is a type of clean room sandwich panel wall which is widely used in operating rooms, delivery rooms, ophthalmology, orthopedics, medical and aesthetic hospitals, as well as spaces with special requirements for cleanliness.

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Electrolytic steel plate handmade sandwich panel is a good alternative solution for operating room walls which can greatly reduce the construction difficulty and cost budget.

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corrugated roofing sheet for warehouse and poultry farm

Corrugated color steel roofing sheet and sandwich panel roofing sheet is mostly used for steel structure warehouse, production factories and poultry farm which is fast assemble. 

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The most suitable ceiling material for clean room is insulated sandwich panel, and a walkable ceiling is required when you do the maintenance job for filters and other equipment. 

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Clean room door is largely applied for hospital, pharmaceutical factory, food factory, cosmetics company, biotechnology workshop, lab etc. with customized size, thickness and color.

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Airtight sliding door is applied for hospital and operating room to reduce unnecessary contact and keep clean requirement. Size and color is customized with optional radiation protection. 

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Anti-collision SS Door

It is mainly used for entrances and exits for various occasions like logistics warehouse, cold storage, passageway, supermarket, food processing plant, factory, restaurant, clean room area etc. The door can be open repeatedly for 50000 times without damage.

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It is mainly used for entrances and exits for various occasions like logistics warehouse, cold storage, food processing plant, pharmaceutical workshop and other dust free clean room area etc.

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Steel door is customized to suit prefab housing, portable housing, especially for clean room projects like hospital use or medical ward, it is suitable to match brick walls or sandwich panel walls.

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Clean room window is double hollow glass panel used for clean room projects, which can be fully flush with wall panel to make the whole wall flat and neat. Size is customized. 

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clean room accessories

Clean room accessories are the aluminum profiles to cover and decorate the edges for clean room installation, which makes the whole room beautiful and dust-free. Color steel sheet closures for prefab housing is available also. 

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Clean room ceiling grid system has several types, depend on your project designs, that is ceiling grid for FFU units, or by T bar with machine made panel, or by a ceiling hang with handmade panel. 

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Vinyl flooring is supplied for clean room and prefab housing with different pattern, thickness and colors. It is mainly used for school, commercial buildings, hospital, factory, supermarket etc. 

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prefabricated house manufacturer

K and T type prefab housing to be used for labor camp, labor dormitory, temporary housing, hotel, motel, site office, warehouse and storage room etc. Design and size is customized. 

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Container house is based on similar size to a 20' shipping container, which can be lift up and easily move to different project sites. It is popular for small living room, small office, and granny flat.

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