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Prefab House Manufacturer

The prefab house is a kind of environmental protection and economic movable house solution, which is made by light weight steel structure together with sandwich panel as roof and wall system. All the construction job for prefabricated house is by bolt connection which is easily and quickly assembled. Besides, prefab house can be calculated and combined by each modular, that means you can get your homes easily by standard modular size.


Based on the advantage of lower cost and short construction time, prefab house is to be the popular choice for labor camp, labor house, site office, temporary housing or even classroom, school, hotel or hospital etc.


The walls and roofing materials for the movable rooms are all by insulated sandwich panel, which has the characteristics of heat insulation, anti-corrosion, sound insulation or fire resistance, good seismic performance and beautiful, and no need secondary decoration.


These steel building is with stable and reliable structure, and the roofs structure is water proof design without any additional water proof treatment.


Prefab houses are easy to assembled and disassembled, it is easy for transportation and reused for several times. Contact the prefab house manufacturer for a proposal for your project !


T: 0086 19924118375


this is single storey k house, which is low cost and fast installation, it is very popular for labor camp on construction site.


this is two storey k house, you can decide how many k required to make a modular house, which is suitable for modular camp and workforce housing and dormitory.


this is called T house, you can ask for any size required, it is more beautiful than k house but same easy installation. It can be used for workforce housing or office. 


This is two-storey T house, which is calculated based on t module, it is a good choice for classroom, office, hotel, motel, school etc.  


this is 20 ft container house which is movable and mobile, it is a popular portable house and mobile cabin for site accommodation and small office.


obvious advantages for prefabricated house is low cost and fast assemble, which is popular in India and Indonesia.


temporary workforce housing is easy construction, low cost and movable to another site, which is popular for worker camp.

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