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Manufacturing clean room

Project | Sandwich Panel, Clean Room, Prefab House

This is our project page, you can see our previous and latest work here. If you have a similar project to do, feel free to contact us for a proposal. 

Our main job is clean room area including pharma, hospital, food, biotechnology, skin care, cosmetics, lab, operation room etc., and also the prefab house field for labor accommodation, site office, movable housing etc. 

  • Sandwich Panel for mechanical equipment manufacturing clean room workshop

Precision machinery needs to be manufactured in a very clean environment to avoid the influence of any dust, pollution, and other particles. A dust-free workshop can provide a high-quality manufacturing clean room environment, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of machinery.

  • Sandwich Panel, door, window for electronics manufacturing clean room factory

With the development of computers, microelectronics, and information technology, the rapid development of electronic manufacturing industry has been promoted, and the development of clean room technology has also been driven. At the same time, higher requirements have been put forward for the design of manufacturing clean rooms in the electronic manufacturing industry. Clean room design in the electronic manufacturing industry is a comprehensive technology. Only by fully understanding the design characteristics of clean rooms in the electronic manufacturing industry and achieving reasonable design can the product defect rate in the electronic manufacturing industry be reduced and improve production efficiency.

  • Sandwich Panel, door, window for semiconductor manufacturing clean room workshop

With the rapid development of semiconductor manufacturing technology, chip linewidth has entered the nanoscale, and corresponding products have increasingly high requirements for the production environment of semiconductor products. Therefore, the operational status of semiconductor manufacturing clean room systems has a significant impact on chip quality and throughput Impurities in the environment can alter or disrupt the properties of semiconductors, and there are various types of impurities, such as metal ions that can damage the conductivity of semiconductor devices, dust particles that can damage the surface structure of semiconductor devices, etc. Therefore, strict control is necessary in the production process of semiconductor devices.

  • Sandwich Panel, Door, Window for various types of manufacturing  clean room area

Here you will see various different types of clean room projects where our products applied for, including different clean room manufacturing workshops for new type materials, electronics, biotechnology, cell bank etc.