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Clean Room Hospital

Project | Sandwich Panel, Clean Room, Prefab House

This is our project page, you can see our previous and latest work here. If you have a similar project to do, feel free to contact us for a proposal. 

Our main job is clean room area including pharma, hospital, food, biotechnology, skin care, cosmetics, lab, operation room etc., and also the prefab house field for labor accommodation, site office, movable housing etc. 

  • Sandwich Panel Partition for Hospital

The clean room hospital should be designed according to the specifications of the clean room and the characteristics of various clean rooms, including the process and airflow organization. Pay attention to personnel, logistics procedures, airflow organization forms (to avoid cross infection), temperature and humidity control, etc. A clean room is a system that occupies a large area and consumes a lot of energy. Therefore, reasonable selection and configuration can achieve the expected purpose.


The application of clean rooms has expanded to many departments in hospitals. For example, a clean operating department;

  • Special wards (leukemia laminar flow ward, burn ward, asthma ward, etc.);

  • Nursing units (ICU, CCU, NICU, etc.);

  • Central supply room (sterile storage area);

  • Liquid dispensing center;

  • Important laboratories (special laboratories, life sciences laboratories (such as reproductive centers), animal rooms, important biosafety systems);

  • precision new instrument rooms, clean auxiliary rooms (sterile auxiliary materials rooms, disposable items rooms).


During the design phase of new construction and renovation of clean room hospital, the hospital needs to fully study and analyze the specific situation and choose a clean room reasonably. As the clean room needs to be equipped with corresponding auxiliary rooms, such as men's and women's changing rooms, bathroom rooms, buffer rooms, cleaning supplies, dedicated passages for dirt, clean air conditioning rooms, and cold and heat source systems, etc., which need to occupy the building area, it is necessary to comprehensively consider leaving reasonable space and location during the design phase, to avoid insufficient area in the later stage, and causes incomplete purification process and insufficient protection of the cleanliness of the core area.

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