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Clean Room Pharmacy

Project | Sandwich Panel, Clean Room, Prefab House

This is our project page, you can see our previous and latest work here. If you have a similar project to do, feel free to contact us for a proposal. 

Our main job is clean room area including pharma, hospital, food, biotechnology, skin care, cosmetics, lab, operation room etc., and also the prefab house field for labor accommodation, site office, movable housing etc. 

  • Sandwich Panel Partition and Ceiling for clean room pharma factory

It is relatively rigorous and strict for clean room pharmacy, since quality of pharmacy determines the life safety, so the clean room pharmacy production workshop must be carried out in a clean and dust free environment.  


Pharmaceutical clean rooms are special industrial cleanrooms that require control of both particles and microorganisms. They are different from general industrial cleanrooms that use particles as pollution control objects, as well as hospitals, biosafety laboratories, and other biological cleanrooms that use biological particles as pollution control objects.


The clean room pharmacy factory not only controls the concentration of suspended particles in the air, but also controls other relevant indoor parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure, etc. as required. In order to ensure the cleanliness level of the pharmacy clean room, it is generally equipped with equipment and facilities such as personnel purification room, material purification room, air lock room, buffer room, air shower room, and pass box etc.


The layout of the sterile clean room pharmacy production area should comply with the production process requirements, and each process must meet the cleanliness level requirements. The layout should be reasonable, compact, conducive to production operations, and ensure effective management of the production process.

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