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Clean Room Food Processing

Project | Sandwich Panel, Clean Room, Prefab House

This is our project page, you can see our previous and latest work here. If you have a similar project to do, feel free to contact us for a proposal. 

Our main job is clean room area including pharma, hospital, food, biotechnology, skin care, cosmetics, lab, operation room etc., and also the prefab house field for labor accommodation, site office, movable housing etc. 

  • Sandwich Panel Partition and Ceiling for clean room food processing factory

In order to ensure the quality of food, the food processing factory must set up a cleaning workshop to strictly control dust, microbial concentration, temperature and humidity. The clean room food processing factory can effectively reduce the deterioration of consumer goods, extend the shelf life of food and improve consumption efficiency. According to the Code for Design of Clean Plant, the wall and ceiling of the clean room food processing workshop must be constructed with materials that do not produce dust and have a smooth surface without dust accumulation, and there should be no dead corner in the workshop. Generally, the clean room sandwich panel with a thickness of 50 mm is used, and the surface steel plate can be color coated galvanized steel plate or stainless steel plate.

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1.  Food processing door 

2. Clean room workshop for food processing factory

3. Construction and decoration of clean room

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