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Clean room for medical devices

Project | Sandwich Panel, Clean Room, Prefab House

This is our project page, you can see our previous and latest work here. If you have a similar project to do, feel free to contact us for a proposal. 

Our main job is clean room area including medical devices, pharma, hospital, food, biotechnology, skin care, cosmetics, lab, operation room etc., and also the prefab house field for labor accommodation, site office, movable housing etc. 

  • Sandwich Panel Partition and Ceiling for clean room for medical devices production workshop 

A clean room is an indispensable production environment in the production process of sterile medical device products, and its environmental control level directly or indirectly affects the quality of medical device products. The testing standards for temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, air change frequency, and static pressure difference in the design of clean room for sterile medical devices dust-free workshops are implemented in accordance with the <Design Specification for Clean Buildings>.

  • Sandwich Panel Partition and Ceiling for clean room workshop of beauty and cosmetics products

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