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Clean room door observation window

Updated: May 6, 2023

The observation window on the clean room door mainly to facilitate the staff to see the situation inside the door and understand the basic information without opening the door, which reduces the working procedures of the staff.

Let's learn about the characteristics of the observation window of the clean room door.

The observation window on the clean room door is generally designed with 5 mm thick double-layer hollow tempered glass (the conventional size is 400 * 600 mm or 200 * 800 mm). The four sides of the gap are treated with silica gel. The gap is tight, surrounded by black frames, and the four corners are at right angles (or 15 degrees radians). The appearance is beautiful and generous. Moisture proof agent or nitrogen filled drying agent can be placed in the observation window to prevent water droplets from adhering to both sides of the glass due to water evaporation in a relatively humid environment.


Due to different places of use, in addition to many colors of the clean room door, the shape of the observation window can also be selected according to the actual situation of the site. The common shapes of observation windows are square, rectangular and circular. In addition to beautiful appearance, there are many different advantages. If the four corners are right angles, it gives people a sharp and rigorous feeling. In contrast, the arc gives the impression that it is more stable, soft, smooth and approachable. Using curved windows in hospitals can more easily create a relaxed and comfortable environment for patients and help them recover quickly.

From the actual effect of observation, the observation effect of rectangular observation window is better than that of square and round, and there is no great limit on the height of staff. However, if considering from the perspective of light, it is recommended to choose a square observation window, and the light transmission range of the circular observation window with the same diameter is less than that of the square observation window.

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