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Clean room wall

Updated: Mar 21

The design and construction materials of clean rooms are specific to different fields, such as pharmaceutical clean rooms, electronic clean rooms, and chemical clean rooms etc. Each project involves different requirements. Then how should materials be selected for different clean room projects?

In fact, even the industry is different, but they all have the same purpose, that is to meet the cleanliness requirements. There is no qualitative difference between the materials used in Class 100 and Class 10000 clean room walls. In many cases, the cleanliness level of a clean room is determined by air conditioning. The building materials for clean rooms wall are measured in terms of smoothness, flatness, cleaning resistance, and difficulty in breeding bacteria, as long as the materials can meet these requirements.

For example, making epoxy paint on brick walls has a good integrity and is easy to clean, which is also an option. Nowadays, color steel sandwich panels are widely used in clean room walls, which is also a good choice. There are also PVC materials currently used, or integral assemblies for operating rooms that can be used. In general, there are many materials to choose from, and the most important thing is to grasp a principle. As long as the cleanliness requirements mentioned above are met, it is ultimately controlled through air conditioning.

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