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Clean room workshop for food factory

Updated: May 6, 2023

Nowadays, food factories have more and more strict requirements. They should not only improve the production quality, but also ensure many other safety problems. For example, the cost of production in the purification workshop is much higher. What should be done in this workshop? Now let's introduce the specific design process.

With the improvement of everyone's awareness and recognition of health problems, especially the food health and safety problems criticized by everyone in recent years, the safety situation is worrying. In order to better manipulate the food health and safety problems, China has also relatively promulgated relevant laws and regulations to supervise, control, avoid and punish the violations of the food health, safety and hygiene law, and clearly put forward the provisions in line with the excellent production and manufacturing standards for the relevant food production and operation companies.


Generally, 50 mm thick sandwich panel is used for the wall and ceiling of the clean room workshop for food factory. The pavement can be epoxy resin self-flow floor, epoxy floor or high-grade wear-resistant plastic floor. If there are anti-static provisions, the anti-static type can be adopted. The return air outlet is made of hot-rolled steel plate and pasted with flame-retardant pf polyurethane foam plastic plate with good cleaning, heat insulation and heat preservation effect. The purification high-efficiency filter in the workshop should use stainless steel plate structure, which is beautiful and easy to clean. The perforated mesh plate should use spray painted aluminum alloy plate, which is not rusty and dust, and should be cleaned.


In order to better avoid cross environmental pollution in the processing process, the reasonable layout of the cleaning and clean room workshop must take into account whether the current reasonable layout can connect each production and manufacturing stage with each other and whether the environmental sanitation can be manipulated in the production process. Most of the whole process of food industry is from non-cleaning to cleaning. Therefore, it is proposed that under normal conditions of production and manufacturing, the reasonable layout should be carried out according to the sequence of production and processing of goods, that is, the production and processing of goods should be connected from the non-cleaning stage to the cleaning stage, and the cross type and counter current conditions are not allowed in the production and processing steps.


The food produced and manufactured in the clean room workshop has a high cleanliness level, which can ensure that the food is not adhered by bacteria, but cannot remove the bacteria produced by the food itself. Therefore, it must also be sterilized by heating, dosing, direct exposure and other methods. Many food clean room workshops are mainly used for refrigeration, disconnection (chip), packaging and other process flows after sterilization.

After the capital construction is completed, maintenance must also be carried out. According to the clean level of the workshop of the food factory and the production process flow of goods, the inspection and cleaning schedule must be formulated and strictly observed. When the fluctuation of various index values is detected, relative solutions shall be made and reported to the person in charge on duty immediately. The manager of the clean room workshop for food factory shall clean the production workshop and maintain the production line equipment in accordance with the management system of the purification room on time.

The above is the "design process of clean room workshop of food factory", which we hope can be helpful to you. For more information, you can please leave a message below.

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