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Clean room door for laboratory

Bona is a clean room panel, door and window manufacturer in China supplying construction materials for clean room projects.


This is a project of all steel door sent for a clean room laboratory, it is by powder coated galvanized steel sheet as skin and paper honeycomb as core materials.  

All steel door series is more crash resistant, more airtight and more beautiful compared with sandwich panel door or aluminum door.


The design of this series of clean room doors shall comply with GMP design and safety requirements, the door body shall be integrated and seamless, and core material generally adopts high-quality flame-retardant paper honeycomb or aluminum honeycomb to ensure the overall strength and flatness of the door.


The overall performance of this door is good, with the advantages of beautiful appearance, flatness, high strength, corrosion resistance, ash free, easy cleaning, and convenient installation etc. It is suitable for purification workshops like hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, food factories and other places with cleanliness requirements.


According to the application requirements of different clean room projects, the metal skin of the doors can be powder coated steel plate or stainless-steel plate. The color is optional and can be customized.


The core materials of the door leaf can be filled with A1 grade fireproof hexagonal aluminum honeycomb or paper honeycomb, which is corrosion resistant and moisture resistant, and is not easy to fall off after long use. The hexagonal honeycomb can block certain sound transmission and play the role of sound insulation.

High elastic silicone strips are installed around the door frame, which have good resilience and anti-aging performance, it also effectively block the indoor and outdoor air circulation to ensure the air tightness of the space.

The automatically drop-down seal of 12mm from the ground floor makes the whole door excellent air tightness.


All the door accessories are stainless-steel including hinge, door lock and key, which has a greater hardness and strength, and outstanding bearing capacity.

To know more about the clean room products, you can kindly visit here or contact us.

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