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Jan.23, 2021

Aluminum is one of the sturdiest fencing materials on the market today. It has a better anti-rusting than materials like iron or steel. And the powder coatings on aluminum surface boost its weather-resistant properties.

Aluminum fence is highly durable, corrosion resistant and impact resistant, it will not be damaged by large tensile force. Aluminum railings is made of aluminum plate, which has strong integrity, firm and reliable. The aluminum tube is welded by aluminum wire one by one, which welding joint is seamless, to make a fence.

china aluminum fencing supplier
  • Application of aluminum fencing

1. Because the aluminum fencing has both practicability and decoration, it can be used for family residence, courtyard guardrail, villa, enterprise, organ, municipal, park external wall guardrail. It can be customized according to customer requirements. Aluminum railing is with strong corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, excellent damp and heat resistance, long service life and green environmental protection. The height and width of the railings can be customized according to the project needs. You can also choose the right color according to your preference.


2. Aluminum fence can be used on both sides of roads, railways, expressways and bridges as barriers. It can be used as protective belts, airport, port and wharf safety protection, municipal construction parks, lawns, zoos, lakes, roads, residential areas isolation and protection, hotels, supermarkets, entertainment places protection and decoration, etc.

aluminum swing gates sliding gates
  • Aluminum fencing maintenance    

If you use steel fence, you will need to paint or coat them every one year because it will get rust soon, but if you use aluminum railings, you will have no this kind of worries. Because aluminum fence is weather resistant itself, and the top coat on the aluminum surface still make it even more corrosion resistant.


Aluminum is a kind of material with strong plasticity, so the aluminum fence can be easily made to different pattern or shape as you like. You can choose the right color to match your existing buildings. Aluminum fencing will not cost much higher than other types of fencing materials, but with a beautiful look, good characteristics, low maintenance and environment friendly. Aluminum railings is not heavy as other metal materials, but it is strong and can be a good security protection for your buildings.


  • Aluminum fencing installation

aluminum fences are easy to assemble, we will make an installation drawing for your preparation job, and as aluminum is not a heavy material, it is easier to carry, handle and install compared to other metal materials.

For the fencing and column, you can prefer to install on the concrete ground floor by bolts, or anchored inside the soil.

aluminum railings

If you need the aluminum gate together with the fencing, we can make swing door or sliding type. Auto opener for the gates can be optional based on your project need, if the auto opener is required, you can buy from us or buy from local with a better after sales service, but we can pre-weld the rail or plate for your opener installation in advance.

china aluminum sliding gates

Below is the aluminum fencing and gate shipped to south America for a yard of an apartment. If you need the fencing or gate, just send us your plan to give you the proposal.

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