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PVC high speed door 

Bona is a clean room panel, door and window manufacturer in China supplying construction materials for clean room projects.

  • Product name: PVC high speed door / fast roller shutter for clean room

  • Size: as request

  • Color: as request

  • Application: PVC high speed door is mainly used for entrances and exits for various occasions like logistics warehouse, cold storage, supermarket, food processing plant, pharmaceutical workshop, electronic industry and other dust free clean room area etc.


Feature of PVC high speed door:

  • Dust free, easy to clean, high stability, in line with safety standards;

  • Open at high speed, quickly shorten the access time, and prevent the loss of cold air and the regional isolation of other industrial plants;

  • ​Dust proof, moisture-proof, sound insulation and heat preservation;

  • ​Imported industrial polyester fiber base cloth, double-sided PVC coating, thickness 0.8~1.2 mm, non-toxic, good surface self-cleaning, multiple colors available;​

  • Wind resistant and day-lighting;

  • The control box with a power of 0.75-1.5 kw is equipped with a main power control switch, an emergency-stop button, a manual automatic transfer button, and a manual control up and down button. The switching speed is adjustable and the performance is stable, which can meet the high-frequency opening times, and the maintenance rate is very low;

  • Door header: galvanized steel / stainless steel

  • Opening speed: 0.6~1.5 m/s

  • Curtain: PVC, 0.8~1.2 mm, available colors

  • Door frame: galvanized steel / stainless steel

For more products of clean room, please kindly visit "products", to know more about our recent cases, please kindly visit " projects".

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