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Airtight sliding door 

Bona is a clean room door manufacturer in China supplying swing door, airtight sliding door for clean room projects.


Most electric airtight sliding doors are used in operating rooms or hospital. They can basically show the same performance in positive pressure (pressurization) or negative pressure (decompression). Microcomputer controller is combined with induction switch or hand induction switch. Medical staff can open the airtight sliding door as long as they put their feet into the induction box or close to the sensor with their hands, which can meet the cleaning needs of special places.


The airtight sliding door with electrical sliding has a unique design structure. The door body is made of powder sprayed galvanized plate or stainless-steel sheet, and the door leaf edge is wrapped with thickened aluminum alloy frame, which has high strength and no deformation. Rubber air tight strips are installed on each side of the door leaf, which has good dust-proof effect. V-shaped track and circular groove design can meet the clean requirements of different levels.


It adopts small volume and high-power DC brush-less motor, combined with the gearbox system with high transmission efficiency and low noise, which can operate without fault for a long time.


Feature of airtight sliding door:

  • The external hanging design of power beam makes the installation and maintenance more convenient;


  • The double-layer insulating glass of the window makes the appearance of the door leaf smooth and the cleaning and maintenance more convenient;


  • The door body is designed to sink automatically, with a maximum sinking distance of 15mm and stronger air tightness;


  • The door body is designed to be closed and pressurized, and the closed state is 10mm inward, which can more effectively isolate the circulation of internal and external environment;


  • The silent design of the power beam adopts the unique linkage form of door hanging slide rail to effectively reduce the mechanical noise;


  • The intelligent opening and closing system realize the integration of manual and automatic when powered on, making the room cleaner and more convenient;


  • The external pendulum stopper can more effectively prevent the door leaf from shaking;


  • Dual motor AC drive, stable and silent, under special circumstances, a single motor can still work normally;


  • Safety light curtain, no blind area, anti-pinch design, higher sensitivity and higher safety;


Technical data of airtight sliding door for hospital or operating room:


  • Airtight sliding door can be single door leaf or double door leaf as request

  • If X-Ray shielding required, it can add radiation proof Pb plate;

  • Door leaf width: door hole + 80mm

  • Door leaf thickness: 40mm

  • Door leaf height: door hole + 20mm

  • Door leaf weight: 60kg

  • Supply voltage: AC220+/-10%, 50~60Hz

  • Door opening hours: 2~20S

  • Door opening speed: 250~500mm/s

  • Door closing speed: 250~500mm/s

  • Manual thrust: <100N

  • Tight closing force: >70N

  • Power consumption: <150W

  • Working temperature: -20℃~+50℃


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