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Food processing door

Bona is a clean room panel, door and window manufacturer in China supplying construction materials for clean room projects.

  • Product name: anti-collision stainless steel food processing door

  • Size: as request

  • Color: stainless steel color

  • Feature: automatic return to original position after impact

  • Application: It is mainly used for entrances and exits for various occasions like logistics warehouse, cold storage, passageway, supermarket, food processing plant, pharmaceutical manufacturing factory, restaurant, central kitchen, electronic workshop, laboratory and other clean room area etc.

  • Door frame: 1.2 mm SS 304;

  • Door leaf: 1.0 mm SS 304;

  • Door core: paper honeycomb or aluminum honeycomb;

  • Window: organic transparent glass, not easy to break, effectively preventing accidents caused by glass breaking;

  • Hinge: SS 304, eccentric shaft hinge design makes the door reset automatically and durable;

  • Sealant strip: tear resistance, high elasticity and good sealing performance;

  • Bumper: PE material, high toughness and strength, strong impact resistance and good anti-collision effect;


Advantage of anti-collision food processing door:


  • The anti-collision free steel door is the highest strength free door used in industry at present;

  • It is impact resistant, durable, bright and clean, easy to install and maintain, long service life, and meets the requirements of various industrial environments, such as forklift and trolley operation;

  • It can operate with water and is easy to wash. It is widely used and economical;

  • Complies with the hygiene license for the food industry;

  • Convenient and fast entry and exit of personnel and goods;

  • Improve efficiency during high traffic flow;

  • It has sound insulation effect and can isolate the external environment;

  • Safe, fast, and efficient operation;

  • Automatic reset;

  • Anti collision and anti impact;

  • Isolate odor;

  • Two-way open;

  • No electricity required;

  • Separate space, reduce noise, maintain environmental hygiene;

Free anti-collision food processing doors are used for area between sales and storage areas, food processing and refrigeration areas, office and warehouse areas, dining areas and kitchens, as well as any occasions where different areas need to be divided to block work noise and maintain environmental hygiene.


  • Save daily expenses

Traditional electric and pneumatic doors are complex to install and expensive to maintain. In contrast, this free steel door does not require electricity, it is simple and fast to install, and is easy to maintain and repair. At the same time, this food processing door can effectively control the flow of moisture and dust between different areas. The rapid and automatic closing feature also allows the free door to minimize energy loss to the greatest extent possible.


This steel door is especially used for entrances and exits for area where there are many collisions. For other clean room places prone to moisture and corrosion, you can consider to use our standard SS 304 clean room door series.

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