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Airtight clean room doors 

Bona is a clean room door manufacturer in China supplying swing door, automatic sliding door for clean room projects.


Clean room steel doors have the following advantages compared with ordinary sandwich panel doors:


-Cleanroom door is more stable and durable, since the door body mold is integrated, seamless, corrosion-resistant and longer service life;


-Good sealing performance: sealing strips are installed around the clean room door frame, together with an automatic drop seal at the bottom of the door;


-It is beautiful and easy to clean. The clean door has good overall performance, beautiful appearance, flatness and no dust accumulation;


Airtight clean room door is widely used in clean field projects, such as hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, food factories, electronic factories, etc. Of course, it is also used in sandwich panel housing projects with a higher quality requirement.


This steel door has various thicknesses and can be matched with concrete walls and sandwich panel walls of different thicknesses. In addition, the observation view window, interlocking system, door closer and stainless-steel anti-collision strip can be matched according to the project requirements.


If you are interested in more information of our doors series or any project coming, please feel free to contact us.

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