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Hospital Wall

This is a type of clean room sandwich panel wall which is widely used in operating rooms, delivery rooms, ophthalmology, orthopedics, medical and aesthetic hospitals, as well as spaces with special requirements for cleanliness, we call it "hospital wall".


Hospital Wall Feature:


1. Steel plate: high-quality steel plate, thickness T=1.0 mm, 1.2 mm, and T=1.5 mm as optional;


2. Finish: High voltage electrostatic powder baking paint;


3. Internal and external corner processing: R 300 arc transition;


4. Large circular arcs is easy to clean, reduce dust accumulation, facilitate indoor air flow, reduce generation of vortex zones, and improve clean effects;


5. The overall module installation is convenient, firm, and reliable, which is fast and undamaged for disassembly and maintenance, providing great convenience for the upgrade of the operating room. Professional surface baking treatment ensures an effective life of more than 20 years or lasting forever;


6. A radiation prevention plate of over 2 mm can also be installed in the sandwich wall to ensure the health of surrounding staff.


At the same time, radiation protection measures shall be considered for supporting doors and windows.


Hospital Wall Advantages:


(1) Small building load, lightweight and energy-saving;


2) Fire retardant, seismic and acoustic insulation, moisture proof, antibacterial, mold proof, removable, energy-saving and environmental protection;


3) The middle layer of the wall panel can be wired and piped to achieve a fashionable and beautiful indoor environment in the hospital;


(4) Increase the usable area of the building, and freely choose the thickness of the wall;


(5) Flexible space division, reusable, convenient for user maintenance and reconstruction, and cost-saving;


(6) Beautiful, clean, and comfortable, it can be moved into the office after completion of the site, without polluting the environment, with the effect of environmental protection and resource conservation.


(7) Requirements for thermal insulation, sound insulation, sound absorption, and seismic resistance of buildings with international advanced level of interior decoration, and interior partition decoration materials.


(8) Standardized prefabricated production in factory from cutting, bending, painting which make on-site assembly easy so that shorten the construction period and save construction costs.


Inquiry about hospital wall:

  • panel thickness: 50 mm

  • panel width: 150-1180 mm

  • panel length: as project need

  • metal skin thickness: 1.0 mm

  • core insulation: pu/rock wool/Mgo/Aluminum honeycomb

  • color: white, blue, green and pink

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