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Construction and decoration of clean room

Updated: May 6, 2023

Clean room material requirements: no dust, no dust accumulation, easy to clean, corrosion resistant, resistant to disinfectant scrubbing, no joints or few joints (the joints should be tight and flat)

Process: the wallboard shall be flat, the joint shall be tight and smooth, and there shall be no concave and convex shape. All internal and external corners shall be treated with arc.

Details: The doors and windows shall be flush with the wall, and the skirting protruding from the wall shall not be set. The lighting fixtures shall be ceiling mounted, and the ground shall not produce dust.


The clean room is a double-layer structure house, which needs to reserve space for the passage and ceiling, and provide installation space for air ducts, industrial pipes, bridges and equipment.

Composition of clean room


1. Clean room wall and ceiling panel

Color steel sandwich panel: also known as color steel sandwich composite panel, is made of sandwich materials made of high-strength glue and color steel plate surface. Sandwich panel is divided into machine made panel and handmade panel. The conventional thickness of sandwich panel is 50 mm, 75 mm and 100 mm, and the thickness of color steel plate is generally 0.426 mm, 0.476 mm and 0.526 mm. The length of the sandwich board is generally considered according to the sandwich materials, site construction conditions and load conditions. The cost of machine-made boards is lower, while the overall structure and appearance of manual boards is better, but the cost is higher.

According to the types of sandwich materials, sandwich panels can be divided into silica sandwich panels, rock wool sandwich panels, paper honeycomb sandwich panels, aluminum honeycomb sandwich panels, polystyrene sandwich panels, polyurethane sandwich panels, glass magnesium sandwich panels, etc. According to the order of price and manufacturing process, machine made boards are less cost than manual boards; According to the sandwich material, the cost for different types of sandwich panel will be like this: polystyrene board<rock wool board<rock wool board<glass magnesium board<aluminum honeycomb board.

According to the clean room design specification, the ceiling, wall and sandwich materials of the clean room shall be incombustible, and organic composite materials shall not be used. The internal filling material of metal sandwich panel wall shall be fire-retardant or incombustible materials, and organic materials shall not be used.

When it is necessary to use metal sandwich panels for non-bearing exterior walls, room partitions and roof panels in buildings, their core materials shall be incombustible materials, and the fire resistance limit shall comply with the relevant provisions of the Code for Fire Protection Design of Buildings.

The firewall, load-bearing wall, staircase wall, evacuation aisle partition, elevator shaft wall, floor slab and other components in the building cannot use metal sandwich panels, regardless of the burning performance and fire resistance of the sandwich materials.

If a broken window is installed in the room, and the external personnel can observe the internal conditions of the room through the window, the room may not be considered as a windowless room. The nominal thickness of the steel plate of the fabricated metal sandwich panel shall not be less than 0.5 mm, which shall be firmly pasted with the overall filling material without hollowing, delamination and fracture.

Metal plate material: stainless steel plate, carbon steel plate, electrolytic steel plate and aluminum plate are commonly used. The profile steel or light steel keel is used as the support skeleton, the metal plate is used for facing, the insulation layer is pasted on the back of the metal plate, and the required coating is sprayed on the surface of carbon steel plate and electrolytic steel plate. There is no joint on the metal plate surface, which can prevent dust from breeding bacteria. The room has a convenient shape, which can well meet the requirements of the clean room for the wall. For carbon steel plate and electrolytic steel plate, the surface needs to be sprayed with antibacterial paint.

Sticking board material: mainly including aluminum plastic board, fireproof board, artificial stone, etc. It is characterized by simple shape, rich color, convenient construction, but easy aging, short life, poor joint treatment, and easy dust accumulation to breed bacteria. The fireproof board has smooth surface, high strength, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance and convenient construction.

2. Clean room door


3. Clean room sliding door

  • The door body surface is made of 1 mm thick galvanized steel plate for electrostatic spraying;

  • The door body is filled with high-density aluminum honeycomb;

  • The observation window is a round corner plane window;

  • Stainless steel edging on both sides of the door body, with corresponding sealing strips around;

  • The door pocket is aluminum alloy front and rear envelope;

  • Equipped with safety light and anti-pinch function;

  • The overall operation is light and peaceful, and the indoor and outdoor sound insulation effect is good;

  • The door body is thick, fast open and close, and the air flow is reduced to the minimum, which can prevent cold air and dust from entering, maintain constant temperature and humidity, and save energy;

4. Clean room door with interlock system


5. Clean room door with door closer


6. Emergency exit door


7. Rapid rolling door


8. Double hollow glass clean room window

  • Air tightness: the wall and window are on the same plane, with flexible installation and beautiful appearance;

  • Sound insulation: Generally, insulating glass can reduce the noise by about 30 dB, while insulating glass filled with inert gas can reduce the noise by about 5 dB on the original basis, which can reduce the noise of 80 dB to 45 dB, which is extremely quiet;

  • Thermal insulation: thermal conductivity K value, K value of single 6 mm glass is 5.75 kcal/mh ° C, K value of ordinary insulating glass is 1.4-2.9 kcal/mh ° C, K value of insulating glass filled with argon and sulfur fluoride gas can be reduced to 1.19 kcal/mh ° C at the lowest, argon is mainly used to reduce heat conduction K value, and sulfur difluoride gas is mainly used to reduce noise dB value. The two gases can be used separately or mixed in a certain proportion.

  • Anti-frosting and anti-dewing: under the environment of large indoor and outdoor temperature difference, single-layer glass doors and windows will be frosted and dewed, while hollow glass will not be frosted and dewed.

9. Clean room connector - aluminum profile

  • Surface treatment process: oxidative sanding, electrostatic spraying, electrophoresis;

  • Specification: 6 m/piece, suitable for 50/75/100 thick color steel sandwich panel wall;

  • Commonly clean room aluminum profiles include: grooved aluminum (used for fixing sandwich panels, edge banding, wrapping, etc.), angle aluminum (used for supporting ceiling panels at high and low walls, fixing wallboard, edge banding, profile connectors, etc.), T-aluminum, built-in connection aluminum, ceiling hanging beams, external arcs, internal arcs, H/h aluminum, external corner, internal corner, door closure, etc.


10. Clean room floor decoration materials

  • General requirements: wear resistance, anti-skid, anti-static, corrosion resistant, easy to clean, not easy to dust and crack, simple secondary construction, few or no joints;

  • The floor of the clean room is generally decorated with solvent-free epoxy self- leveling floor, PVC soft board and PVC anti-static floor;


11. Purification equipment: air shower

12. Purification equipment: pass box

The isolation ward mainly uses the pass box to transfer materials to the outside world. Put the required materials into the pass box from the non-clean area, then close the door A, open the sterilization, and then open the door B to take out the sterilized materials, so that the two areas are effectively isolated.

For more information about the clean room, please feel free to contact us.

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