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Clean room door for pharmaceutical factory

Bona is a clean room door manufacturer in China supplying swing door, automatic sliding door for clean room projects.


Clean room door series is mostly applied in projects which has cleanliness requirement, such as pharmaceutical factory, cosmetics factory, food and beverage factory, electronics workshop etc.


This type of doors is mainly by powder coated galvanized steel sheet or stainless-steel sheet as the door leaf surface and door frame, together with core insulation aluminum honeycomb or paper honeycomb.


It has swing type, sliding type, single door, double door, to depend on each project demand.

The door leaf is fixed 50mm thickness, but the door frame can match to different wall thickness, since some of the clean room projects not using sandwich panel as walls, but using cement, concrete, brick, gypsum board decoration etc. with different thickness, this clean room door can be customized to perfectly match.


Bona sends lots of doors for hospital, pharma factory and food industry, welcome your inquiry.


To know more about clean room door, you can kindly visit here or contact us

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