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container house for refugee, rent, apartment, office, granny flat

Prefab Container House

Prefab Container house is popular for living room, hotel in holiday resort, office, rental house etc. It is mobile and can be lifted by a forklift and move to different sites easily. Size can be customized, but 20 ft size container house is most popular in the market, specially in Australia and New Zealand. The prefab container house has divided into several types now, that is detachable container house, flat-pack container house, shipping container house, foldable container house, expandable container house etc. It uses the light steel frame for the main structure, sandwich panel system for the roof and wall, all connection by bolts without any welding job on construction site. It is low cost and easy installation which makes it popular in the market. Here we will share with you some container house projects we did for your reference. If you are interested, feel free to contact us for more information. 

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