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Steel Door Manufacturer

Steel door is customized manufactured to suit prefab housing, portable housing, especially for clean room projects like hospital use or medical ward, it is suitable to match brick walls or sandwich panel walls.

Steel door specification:

  • Standard size: 900*2100,1200*2100,1500*2100;

  • Door view window: arc-shaped /circular shape/square shape/strip shapel;

  • Door filling: flame-retardant paper honeycomb/fireproof aluminum honeycomb/rock wool;

  • Door lock: 304 stainless steel split lock;

  • Hinge: stainless steel hinge;

  • Surface treatment: electrostatic spraying/fluorocarbon spraying;

  • Optional: surface or concealed door closer/interlock/access control/aluminum or stainless-steel shutter/view window/automatically drop-down seal;

  • Three-sided and four-sided door frames are optional;

The steel door frame and body are made of first-class environmental protection galvanized steel plate, with electrostatic spraying on the surface and various colors to choose from.

The left and right top of the door body are sealed on three sides, and the bottom is equipped with an automatic lifting sealing device, which has strong air tightness.


Technical requirements for steel door frames:

  • The thickness of the door frame should be customized according to the thickness of the wall, which can be 100 mm, 200 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm or more. The door frame is vertically spliced without welding or touch-up paint;

  • The door frame shall be equipped with sealing strips, which shall be made of high-quality rubber materials, environmentally friendly, silent, and easy to replace to ensure sealing effect;


Technical requirements for steel door leaves:

  • Surface material: steel plate thickness ≥ 0.8 mm;

  • Surface treatment: Adopt high-voltage electrostatic spraying, monochromatic effect, or PVC wood grain peritoneum; It is prohibited to use cheap raw materials such as low-cost color steel plates for door leaves.

  • Surface coating treatment for steel door leaves: High voltage electrostatic spraying is required, with good acid resistance and solvent resistance; The coating adopts high-quality environment-friendly powder, such as Tiger or Aksu brand; It is required to have dust-proof, germ proof, flat plastic spraying surface, without cracks and blisters, and spraying thickness ≥ 40 UM.

  • The thickness of the steel door leaf ranges from 40 mm to 50 mm. The surface of the door leaf is free of welding spots, and there are no welding spots and rivets around the door leaf. The front and back door panels adopt self-locking technology, which is solid, flat, and beautiful, while helping to maintain cleanliness.

  • The support structure is made of hot-dip galvanized steel plate with a thickness of ≥ 1.6 mm to ensure the strength and non-deformation of the door leaf.

  • Inner filling material: filled with high-quality fireproof honeycomb core paper, fully connected to the inner surface of the steel plate to ensure the impact resistance of the door panel.

  • The window of the steel door leaf adopts 5 mm tempered glass.

  • It has good sound insulation, sealing, and thermal insulation effects, and the silent design ensures the quiet opening and closing of the door.

  • The sound insulation effect is Grade V, 35 dB > RW ≥ 25 dB

steel door design.jpg

Storage of steel doors:

When transporting steel doors to the construction site, attention should be paid to the protection of door frames and leaves. The door frame and door leaf should be placed in a dry, clean, and flat place to avoid exposure to sunlight and rain, and should not come into contact with corrosive substances. Door frames and leaves should not directly contact the ground, but should be cushioned with sleepers and placed upright. The door frame of a three-frame door (without a threshold) should be placed upside down, with the upper frame facing downward. The frame and leaf of a four-frame door should be placed upright. The stacking angle shall not be less than 70 °, and the number of single row stacking shall not be more than 50 pieces, and anti-dumping measures shall be taken.

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