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Clean room door on different walls

Updated: May 6, 2023

The installation methods of clean room door are different on different types of walls. The four commonly used installation methods are as below:

  1. flat door type which is completely flush with wall panel, this is usually using 50 mm thickness handmade panel wall.

  2. Wafer type, which is usually to match 50 mm machined-made sandwich panel wall.

  3. U channel + flat door frame type which is suitable to 50 mm machined made panel wall.

  4. Large size door frame wafer type, this one is to match the thicker wall panel more than 50 mm, mainly for concrete wall, brick wall, or keel gypsum board wall;


The machine-made color steel sandwich panel is produced by machine, all the widths are neat and beautiful, its advantage is that it is relatively regular and beautiful. It can save installation time and labor with higher efficiency. Machine-made panel is fast processing speed and low construction cost because of its standardization and flexibility since it is easy to cut the right size as you want on project site, but its disadvantage is that the strength is relatively lower compared to handmade sandwich panel.


Handmade color steel sandwich panel is made by traditional manual methods, which can be customized freely. The advantage is that it is produced by hand, which can be produced according to the engineering requirements of the end user. Handmade panel is with high flatness, strong bearing capacity and beautiful overall effect, but its disadvantage is that it needs a higher accuracy of on-site calculation and installation, higher material cost and higher loss.


you can decide the wall type to use handmade wall, machined-made wall, brick wall, cement wall, keel gypsum board wall ceramic tile wall, or wooden board wall etc. for your clean room project, then based on the wall type, you can easily choose the right type clean room door.

Any further questions, you can freely contact us for a proposal.

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