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Detachable Container House

  • Detachalbe container house is a type of movable porta cabin which can be disassembled when shipping and easy bolts connection on project site. This kind of container house can save transportation cost especially under the high ocean freight situation;

  • This detachable container house is popular in Australia, New Zealand, Africa and South East Asia, which is suitable for site accommodation, site office, small apartment, granny flat, small family house, vacation house, rent house etc;

  • The standard size of this movable house is equal to a standard sea shipping container with light weight, you can carry it up by a forkllift onto a truck and move to different project site as request;

  • Standard design of this mobile house is a single room, but you can add internal partition wall for an open kitchen, toilet etc;


Detachable container house specification

technical information: 

  • House Code: CH0603       

  • Size: 3m(W) × 6m(L) × 2.6m(H)

  •  Area: 18sqm

  • Steel frame: by painted/galvanized light steel frame;

  • roof: 50mm EPS/PU/Rockwool sandwich panel;

  • wall: 50mm EPS/PU/Rockwool sandwich panel;

  • Flooring: 18mm plywood+1mm/2mm vinyl flooring;

  • Ceiling: 8mm pvc ceiling;

  • Window: pvc/aluminum sliding window with single glass;

  • Door: sandwich panel door / steel door with hinge and lock;

  • Fittings: including steel sheet closure, rivet, screw, bolt, silicon glue etc. ;

  • Regular color: white grey, blue, red;

  • Seismic resistance: 8 degree;

  • Wind resistance: 120km/h;

  • Connection way: bolt connection;

  • Life span: 10~15 years;

  • Installation time: 2 days/4 person/set;

  • Container loading: 12 set/40HQ;

  • Accessories: electricals, water piping, sanitary wares, kitchen ware, furniture can be provided.


porta cabin packing and loading


Detachable container house has an advantage that all the materials are put into shipping container in bulk, which makes each sea shipping container can load more sets of mobile houses to save transportation cost. 

Detachable container house installation

Installation support: 

  • Detachable container house is all by bolt connection, which it is easy to assemble and dissemble;

  • This container house can be reused for several times;

  • This 20ft container house is with light weight, which can be put onto a truck and move to different project site;

  • Each component will stick a label, label code will keep same as the material list and installation drawing, which will be easy for material sort out and installation;

  • Material unloading guide and materials storage guide will be provided after shipment;

  • Installation drawing will be provided after shipment;

  • Installation video available if required;

  • Installation tools and onsite supervision available.


Detachable Container House Project Case


single storey K house

single storey k house is popular for labor accommodation which is low cost and fast installation.




K house site office

modular k house is suitable to site office and conference room which is low cost and fast erection.




composite sandwich panel

you can find different types of sandwich panel for prefab house and clean room here. 



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