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Air conditioning system for clean room food workshop

In a clean room food workshop purification air conditioning systems, the requirements for ducts are to deliver air both economically and effectively. The former requirement is reflected in low cost, convenient construction, low labor costs, and smooth inner and outer surfaces with low resistance. The latter refers to good sealing, no air leakage, no dust generation, no dust accumulation, no pollution, and fire resistance, corrosion resistance, and moisture resistance. In practice, sometimes the resistance of some fittings is much higher than the resistance along the duct, which needs to be improved.

Requirements for Air Conditioning Systems in Food Workshop Purification

  • Energy Conservation Should Be Emphasized in Air Conditioning Purification

Air conditioning purification is a major energy consumer, and energy-saving measures should be emphasized in the planning and construction of clean room food factory purification workshops. In the planning, the difference between systems and areas, the calculation of air volume, the determination of temperature and relative humidity, the determination of cleanliness level and air change times, the fresh air ratio, duct insulation, the impact of the biting method in duct manufacturing on leakage rate, the impact of the connection angle of the main duct and branch duct on air flow resistance, whether the flange connection leaks, and the selection of equipment such as air handling units, fans, and chilled water units are all related to energy consumption. Therefore, these details need to be considered in clean room food factory purification workshops.

  • Multiple-Unit Chilled Water Units Are More Flexible

If the cooling capacity required by the chilled water unit in a food purification workshop is large, it is not advisable to use a single unit, but to use multiple units, and the motor should be used with variable frequency speed regulation to reduce the starting power. Multiple units can be used flexibly, and there will not be the phenomenon of "big horse pulling a small cart" wasting power.

  • The Air Conditioning Room Should Be Located Around the Clean Room

The location of the air conditioning room should be around the clean room. This is not only energy-saving, but also conducive to the arrangement of the air duct, and makes the air flow organization more reasonable. At the same time, it can save the construction costs of the food factory purification workshop.

  • Telephones and Firefighting Equipment Should Not Be Missing

The installation of telephones and intercoms in purification workshops can reduce the movement of personnel in the clean area and reduce dust generation. It can also provide timely contact with the outside world in case of fire, and create conditions for normal work contact. In addition, food factory purification workshops should also be equipped with fire alarm systems to prevent fires from not being easily discovered by the outside world and causing serious economic losses.

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