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How to prolong the service life of medical airtight door properly?

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

We all know that airtight door is used in hospitals, industrial plants and other places with strict air tightness requirements. It is a comprehensive suit door integrating sound insulation, fire prevention, radiation protection and air tightness. So how to better prolong the service life of medical airtight door has always been a problem we are more concerned about.


  • clean

The dust on the medical airtight door shall be cleaned on time to keep the medical airtight door, laminated glass and hardware clean and bright. Even if the stainless-steel plate is stained with dust and stains, the compounds in it will also etch the surface of the stainless -steel plate. In the long run, the steel body will be affected and rotten, endangering the operating characteristics of the medical airtight door.


Once the environment on the medical airtight door is polluted with oil stains and other items that cannot be cleaned, it cannot be cleaned with strong alkali or strong acid aqueous solution, which will not only damage the surface smoothness of aluminum profile, but also destroy the protective film and air oxide layer on the surface of hardware, resulting in rust of hardware. Especially when some customers clean the wall with hydrochloric acid, they must pay attention not to let the doors and windows be contaminated.


Generally, when entering and leaving the medical airtight door, avoid being impetuous and rushing, and try to reduce the collision of hard objects with the automatic radiation protection door or scratching the surface of aluminum profile.

  • use

When the medical airtight door, ward door and Department door are opened, the amplitude shall be appropriate, and the opening and closing speed shall be kept symmetrical as far as possible.


  • maintain

If the medical airtight door is found to be inconvenient to open or other abnormal phenomena in the whole process of application, the reason shall be searched immediately. If the customer cannot detect the fault himself, the manufacturer of the automatic radiation protection door shall be contacted immediately so that the common faults can be eliminated immediately. If the automatic door is not repaired immediately, it shall be suspended to prevent accidents.


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