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Rock wool Sandwich Panels

Shipment of long and thick rockwool sandwich panels have been sent out to South East Asia. 


Rock wool sandwich panel is a popular insulation material for walls because of its superior performance of sound insulation and fire resistance, but with a reasonable price.


Thickness of 50-100 mm rock wool sandwich panel can reach sound coefficient RW=29-30DB, rock wool insulation core is a non-fire material, 50 mm thickness rock wool sandwich panel can be fire rated for 60 minutes.


Rock wool sandwich panel can be manufactured as external wall and internal wall for warehouse projects, and based on its excellent fire proof feature and acoustic performance, it can be used in the high temperature production area, such as painting line, baking line etc.


This insulated sandwich panel has a standard effective width of 1150 mm with “male” and “female” joint, length can depend on your project need.


To know more about how to choose a proper sandwich panel, you can kindly read this, to discuss more about your project, you can kindly contact us.

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