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How to choose a proper sandwich panel ?

Updated: May 6, 2023

The sandwich panel is composed of two-layer formed metal sheet and heat insulation core in the middle, which is easy to install, light and efficient. Sandwich panel is a common building material, which not only has good flame retardant and sound insulation, but also has environmental protection and high efficiency. Then how to choose a right sandwich panel for your project ? Below is some tips for you.

Metal skin types for sandwich panel: color coated steel sheet, galvanized steel sheet, stainless steel sheet and aluminum foil etc.

color coated steel sheet for sandwich panel
  1. Coating types for prepainted steel sheet:

  • PE coating (polyester resin) : PE coating has good adhesion to substrate, PE coated color steel plate is easy to be processed and formed, with lower cost and various colors. It is the most popular coating for color steel sheet in the market now. Under the general environment, its anti-corrosion life can be as long as 10-15 years, but in the industrial environment or seriously polluted areas, its service life will be relatively reduced, and polyester coating is not ideal for UV resistance, Therefore, the use of PE coating is still subject to a number of restrictions, generally in areas where air pollution is not serious or products that need multiple molding and processing. Under serious pollution industries or coastal regions, it is suggested to choose PVDF fluorocarbon series of coatings. PE coated color steel sheet is mostly used for outside wall or roof for industrial warehouse or logistics storage shed etc.

  • PVDF coated color steel sheet container 70% of polyvinylidene fluoride resin coatings, which has good weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and environmental pollution resistance. It can effectively block ultraviolet rays, and has the ability to maintain luster and color appearance and film integrity in all kinds of adverse weather. Its life span can reach 30 years. Except anti-chemicals, PVDF is a good choice for anti-corrosion requirement. It is mostly used for outside walls and roof of buildings in coastal areas and serious pollution districts, also for clean room projects like electronics factory, laboratory and hospitals of anti-corrosion requirement.

  • SMP paint film has high silicon content, high hardness, good wear resistance and heat resistance, good resistance to pulverization, light retention, color retention and weather resistance, good acid resistance, alkali resistance, chemical resistance, bright and plump color, and good decoration. Because of its good wear resistance and scratch resistance, the silicon modified polyester color coated plate is mainly used in the areas with large wind sand, mines, steel plants and other fields. However, due to the poor adhesion and processing performance of the silicon modified polyester, it is not suitable for the processing occasions of multiple molding.

  • HDP high weather resistance coating using high density polyester resin and inorganic ceramic pigment, which effectively reduces the coating film degradation rate. It can improve the performance of coating resistance and make the coating surface more stable. Compared with PE and SMP silicone modified polyester, HDP coating has better chemical resistance and durability, which can be used for 20 years under the condition of direct exposure. It is normally used for roofing sheet or external walls of general buildings and commercial buildings.

2. Galvanized steel sheet

Galvanized steel sheet has the stable performance and its zinc coating has strong adhesion.

Galvanized sheet can be customized with different zinc content, uniform zinc layer, stable

luster, good environmental protection and anti-corrosion performance.

galvanized steel sheet sandwich panel

3. SS 304 stainless steel sheet

Stainless steel sheet has smooth surface, high plasticity, toughness and mechanical strength, and is resistant to corrosion of acid, alkaline gas, solution and other media. It is a kind of alloy steel that is not easy to rust, but not absolutely rust free. Stainless steel plate is a kind of steel plate which is resistant to weak medium corrosion such as atmosphere, steam and water.

All stainless-steel plates have high temperature oxidation resistance, but the oxidation rate is

ss304 stainless steel sandwich panel

affected by the inherent factors such as exposure environment and product morphology. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel mainly depends on its alloy composition (Cr, Ni, Ti, Si, Al, Mn, etc.) and internal structure. The main role is chromium. Chromium has high chemical stability. It can form a passive film on the steel surface, isolate the metal from the outside world, protect the steel plate from oxidation, and increase the corrosion resistance of the steel plate. After the passivation film is destroyed, the corrosion resistance decreases.

Stainless steel has the ability to resist atmospheric oxidation, that is, it is not rusty, but also has the ability to resist corrosion in the medium containing acid, alkali and salt. However, the size of its anti-corrosion ability changes with the chemical composition of the steel itself, service conditions and environmental medium types. For example, 304 steel pipping has absolutely excellent anti-corrosion ability in dry and clean atmosphere, However, if it is moved to the coastal area, it will soon rust in the sea fog containing a lot of salt, while 316 steel pipe performs well. Therefore, not any kind of stainless steel can resist corrosion and rust in any environment.

Stainless steel sheet is easy to corrode under the below situations:

  • There are dust containing other metal elements or attachments of different metal particles on the surface of stainless steel. In the humid air, the condensation water between the attachments and stainless steel connects them into a micro battery, causing electrochemical reaction and damaging the protective film, which is called electrochemical corrosion.

  • The organic juice (such as melon and vegetable, noodle soup, phlegm, etc.) adhered on the surface of stainless-steel forms organic acid in the presence of water and oxygen, and the corrosion of organic acid on the surface of metal will occur for a long time.

  • There are acid, alkali and salt substances on the surface of stainless steel (such as alkali water and lime water splashing on the decoration wall), causing local corrosion.

  • In the polluted air (such as the atmosphere containing a large number of sulfides, carbon oxides and nitrogen oxides), when meeting with condensate, sulfuric acid, nitric acid and acetic acid will be formed, causing chemical corrosion.

The above conditions can cause the damage of the protective film on the surface of stainless steel and lead to corrosion. To avoid the steel sheet surface corrosion, below is the points to be paid attention to.

  • The surface of stainless steel must be cleaned and scrubbed frequently to remove attachments and eliminate external factors.

  • The coastal area should use 316 stainless steel, which can resist seawater corrosion.

4. Aluminum foil for the skin of sandwich panel

Aluminum foil is usually used for the bottom layer of the roof sandwich panel or the insulation panel for farming sheds, you can kindly see more detail here if interested.

With the various demand for different project functions, here we also introduce several popular steel types for sandwich panel in the market.

  • Anti-static steel sheet

The anti-static steel sheet can effectively eliminate static electricity and reduce the harm and safety hazard caused by static electricity. The principle of anti-static electric plate is to add special conductive materials to the non-conductive paint coating, which makes the paint coating become semi-conductive body. In combination with the installation of the grounding wire of the color coated steel sheet, the electrostatic generated by air convection and clothing friction on the surface of the color coating plate will disappear. Most of the anti-static electric steel sheet are used in the production plants which are required to resist static electricity such as electronics, electrical appliances, aviation, chemical industry, printing, etc., or computer rooms and server rooms.

Based on the impedance experiment (GB/T 1410-2006), the surface impedance of paint on the anti-static electric steel sheet is 10^6-10^9 Ω.

  • Antibacterial steel sheet

Bacteria are everywhere in our daily life. The antibacterial steel sheet adopts the industry's advanced antibacterial technology. Adding antibacterial agents into the color coating of steel sheet can effectively kill and inhibit the growth of bacteria, and create a clean and hygienic environment. The antibacterial plate can protect the surface of steel plate from bacterial infection, and no decrease of antibacterial function due to scrubbing or service life, it also has the excellent anti-pollution effect, safety and environmental protection.

The antibacterial steel sheet can effectively kill Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and other common pathogenic bacteria.

It is often used in food production and storage workshop, frozen warehouse and logistics warehouse, drug research and development, production, storage workshop, hospital interior decoration, etc.

  • Animal husbandry steel coil

Animal husbandry steel board is aimed at the development of animal husbandry breeding environment to ensure the long-term use of animal husbandry buildings such as pigsty and cowshed.

Animal husbandry steel board adopts advanced technology of high corrosion resistance galvanized Al Mg alloy substrate, with excellent corrosion resistance and chemical resistance.

Its surface coating for the development of animal husbandry industry, has excellent chemical resistance, resistance to ammonia, common acid and alkali, strong oxidation detergent, disinfectant, special heat and humidity resistance, suitable for high temperature and humidity environment of animal husbandry.

Insulation types for sandwich panel:

insulation types of sandwich panel

Each kind of insulation material has its unique characteristic, advantage and disadvantage, you can kindly make the proper choice depend on your project target budget, demand on heat insulation, sound proof, fire proof, weather proof etc.

Insulation core materials’ thermal resistance is related to its thermal conductivity and thickness, using a thicker insulation core with proper thermal conductivity can save much cost.

To choose a right sandwich panel manufacturer is very important to take the project under control, because if there is any quality problem occurred during the sandwich panel installation, then you need to disassemble the panels and replace it, which will seriously delay the project process and cause a lot of cost. To avoid this problem, a sandwich panel factory with the complete production management system and quality control system is the first factor for you to make the decision.

Below we will introduce to you the main quality problems of the sandwich panels which you can pay attention when buy the insulated panels.

Quality problems of insulation sandwich panels are:

poor adhesion, missing coating on steel sheet surface, coating falling off;

the common quality problem of sandwich panel

quality problem of the steel sheet for insulated sandwich panel

spigot cocking after installation, loose spigot, local wave of board surface, overall wave of board surface, board surface crease and edge wave, board surface crease, crease after installation, etc.

how to keep a even surface of a sandwich panel

quality problem from some sandwich panel manufacturer

where to buy a good quality sandwich panel

And reasons to cause these problems is mainly because of the poor quality of raw materials, equipment defects, improper manual operation, improper storage, improper handling and transportation etc.

Improper carrying, handling and unloading will also cause unglued problems. We will provide a detailed operation guide and storage guide after shipment. If interested, please contact us for it.

Bona house materials ltd has a complete set of quality management system to strictly control each process from raw material, production, packing, and shipping, to ensure that every order is completed perfectly and no complain from customers.

Insulated sandwich panel has been widely applied for various construction projects. You can contact us to provide an appropriate solutions for your projects based on application field and target budget.

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