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Sandwich panel factory china

Bona is a clean room panel, door and window manufacturer in China supplying construction materials for clean room projects.


Here we will share with you a project of sandwich panel wall, partition and ceiling shipment and project pics after installation, at the same time, we will list some precautions for installation of sandwich panel in clean room.


When construct  the color steel sandwich panel, here are some steps for your reference: 


1. The dust and dirt on the surface of the base course shall be carefully cleaned before installation;


2. The installation process of color steel sandwich panel partition shall follow the principle of "from bottom to top", so as to reduce repair and protect finished products;


3. Seal the joint of sandwich panel with sealant of the same color;


4. Clean the surface of sandwich panel wall after installation.


When install the sandwich panel, here are some quality requirements: 


1. The wall panel shall be installed vertically and the ceiling shall be installed horizontally.


2. The joint between the sandwich panels shall be even and the sealant shall be full.


3. There shall be no scratches on the surface of the sandwich panel.


Before you construct the clean room projects, you should pay attention to : 


1. Get familiar with the clean room drawings, carefully review the sandwich panel layout, node requirements, the relationship between the sandwich panel and the building, the color, filler, basic size requirements of sandwich panel itself, the size and layout of doors and windows in the sandwich panel partition, the type of auxiliary materials and other contents.


2. Drawing of secondary arrangement of panels, which is an important step in the prefabrication and installation of clean room panel, is to convert the design drawings into different types of walls for secondary processing in the factory, and produce standard panels in sandwich panel factory, which can be assembled at the construction site to ensure the firmness of wallboards and speed up the installation of color steel sandwich panels.


3. When prefabricating in the clean room panel factory, according to experience, the gap should be fully considered for the door opening and window opening. During the whole process of transportation, fabrication and installation, it is required to prevent scratches, heavy pressure and surface impact, so as to prevent the occurrence of pits and scratches that cannot be corrected. The plastic protective film on the surface of insulated panels can only be removed after the installation is completed and thoroughly cleaned.

sandwich panel price

4. Pay attention to the electrical concealed laying pipeline and electrical box while assembling the wallboard. The wallboard shall be vertical and the gap shall be close. The smaller the gap, the more beautiful it will be. The gap shall be even.


5. Install the ceiling of the clean room: the weight of the ceiling is supported by the wall panels fixed around and the T-shaped aluminum suspended in the middle, by reinforced with fittings and rivets. The suspended ceiling shall be flat as much as possible, and the slab joints shall be dense, uniform, smooth, without marks or damages.


6. When installing the door, first install stainless steel door and window frames at the door and window openings and fix them firmly. Pay attention to the opening direction when installing the door. The door closer should adjust the opening speed and force. Generally, the speed is fast in the first half of the door closing process, while the torque is small and the speed is slow in the second half to reduce the impact and noise of closing the door.

sandwich panel wall

7. Sealing silica gel: in the clean room area, all gaps that may affect the cleanliness shall be coated with sealing silica gel. For example, splicing joints between the sandwich panel walls and all gaps in the ceiling panels; the gap between the air conditioning duct, air outlet, high efficiency filter, wallboard and ceiling; the electricity passes through the gap between the protective pipe slot of the wall panel and the ceiling and the edge of the opening; the gap between all switch socket lamps and sandwich panel ceiling; clearance between all processes, water supply and drainage, protective pipes and openings; the gap between glass and window frame;


Sealed silica gel should be basically installed in the clean room, with good sanitary conditions. It should be carried out uniformly after thorough cleaning and dust removal, otherwise silica gel is easy to be polluted and blackened. Within 24 hours after the silica gel is laid, there should be no large amount of dust operation and washing the ground with water that may affect the curing and fastness of the sealing silica gel.

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