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Clean room panel for pharmaceutical factory

Bona is a clean room panel, door and window manufacturer in China supplying construction materials for clean room projects.


This is a project of clean room panels sent to Africa for a pharmaceutical factory, it is a handmade sandwich panel type, which is applied for wall area. 

There is several insulation sandwich panel for the clean room projects, to choose the correct types for your project, you can kindly read the below information or contact us for a proposal. 


Color steel sandwich panel is a kind of building panel, which is composed of two layers of color coated steel plates as the metal skin, between with the core thermal insulation materials such as polystyrene, polyurethane, phenolic foam, rock wool, etc. This composite panel has been widely recognized and used in the clean room field because of its series of advantages such as load-bearing, thermal insulation, decoration effect, waterproof, and easy construction. Sandwich panel has challenged traditional building materials such as bricks and stones, and becomes a new force in the building materials industry.

The core materials of color steel sandwich panels can be divided into two categories according to their chemical composition, first is the organic chemical foam materials, such as polystyrene foam EPS, polyurethane foam PU, extruded polystyrene foam XPS, phenolic foam PF etc., the other is inorganic fiber materials, such as rock wool board, foam cement board, etc.


1. Polyurethane foam sandwich panel PU

The polyurethane foam sandwich panel is made of flame-retardant rigid polyurethane foam plastic as the core material and color coated steel plate as the surface material. At present, rigid polyurethane sandwich panels are widely used in industrial plants, warehouses, stadiums and gymnasiums, civil residences, villas, movable plank houses, combined refrigerators and other buildings, but it has the disadvantages like they are carried out under the conditions of high temperature and has strong alkali reaction, high requirements for equipment, large initial investment and difficult industrialization.

2. Polystyrene foam sandwich panel EPS

Polystyrene is the white foam which we often see, this kind of insulation material is low cost, water resistant, and does not deform. Polystyrene sandwich panels are not fireproof and it is mostly applied for temporary prefabricated houses.

3. Phenolic foam sandwich panel PF

Phenolic foam sandwich panel is a composite panel with color steel plate as surface material and phenolic foam as core material. Phenolic foam is brittle, fragile and corrosive which its residual acid inside can corrode the metal materials.

4. Rock wool sandwich panel

The rock wool sandwich panel has good fire resistance and sound resistance, but rock wool sandwich panel has a disadvantage that easy to absorb water.


5. Paper honeycomb sandwich panel

Paper honeycomb sandwich board can completely be recycled and reused. It is a replacement product of polystyrene, polyurethane, rock wool and other insulation materials. Paper honeycomb panel is widely used in electronics, hospital operating rooms, laboratories and other clean engineering fields.

6. Aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel

Aluminum honeycomb sandwich plate is made of aluminum honeycomb core plate, which is compounded with special high-strength glue and supported by special aluminum alloy keel after heating, pressurizing and curing. Compared with other sandwich panels, they are light in weight and good in straightness. It is a green building material, but with a higher cost.

You can kindly see the table below for specific performance indexes of different color steel sandwich materials.

sandwich panel advantages and disadvantages

Handmade sandwich panel is customized size as project need from width 200-1180 mm, which to save the construction time and make the whole project beautiful. 

If you still have any question about the sandwich panel, feel free to contact us

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