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Characteristics and Application of Aluminum Honeycomb panel

Updated: May 23

1. Light material, high strength, high stiffness, stable structure and good wind pressure resistance.

Aluminum honeycomb panel has been widely used in building exterior wall decoration because of its light weight, high strength and high stiffness. The aluminum honeycomb with the same stiffness weighs only 1/5 of the aluminum plate, 1/10 of the steel plate. Take a aluminum honeycomb of 15 mm thickness for example, top aluminum sheet is 1.0 mm, bottom aluminum sheet is 0.8 mm, the weight of it is only 6 kg/m2. The interconnected honeycomb core material is like numerous I-beams, which makes it more stable, not easy for bending and compressive. Its wind pressure is much higher than that of aluminum-plastic plate and aluminum veneer, and it is not easy to deform and has good flatness. Even if the honeycomb plate is large in size, it can achieve extremely high flatness.


2. Sound insulation, heat insulation, fire protection and earthquake protection are outstanding.

Because the aluminum honeycomb core is separated into many enclosed spaces, which can prevents air flow and greatly hinders heat and sound waves, so aluminum honeycomb panel has the effect of good heat insulation, heat preservation and sound insulation. For sound source of 100-3200HZ, aluminum honeycomb panel's sound insulation can reach 20-30Db, and its thermal conductivity is 0.104-0.130W/M.K. Therefore, the energy absorption capacity of the aluminum honeycomb panel is 150-3500 KJ/M2, which is an ideal energy-saving material. When it rains heavily outside, the noise of raindrops on the surface of aluminum veneers or aluminum-plastic panels is particularly high, but aluminum honeycomb roof panels can avoid this situation.

3. Straight appearance, various colors and durable

Aluminum honeycomb panels of different sizes have very high smoothness and are not easily deformed.

Aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel has beautiful appearance, brilliant color and good overall effect. It integrates load-bearing, heat preservation, fire prevention and water-proof, and no need secondary decoration. It has fast and convenient installation, short construction period and good comprehensive benefit. It is a kind of widely used and highly potential environmental protection building material. It can be used as wall panels, ceiling panels, internal wall partition, fire-proof panels, door panels, furniture and so on. It is widely used in large scale type industrial plant, warehouse, gymnasium, supermarket, hospital, cold storage, activity room, the ceiling and partition walls of the air clean room and the places where heat preservation, insulation and fire prevention are required.

Based on the advantage of the aluminum honey comb, it is also used for the insulation core for sandwich panel to be aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel, if you are interested in this type of sandwich panel, welcome your inquiry.

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