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Laboratory Construction

Updated: May 6, 2023

Here we will introduce a clean room project of laboratory construction for scientific research of animal stem cell and research of mammalian embryo biotechnology.

The commonly cell culture containers used in stem cell laboratories include culture bottles, culture plates, culture dishes, etc. The containers should be made of materials with good transparency, non-toxic, and conducive to cell adhesion and growth. The commonly disposable polystyrene materials or neutral hardness glass products used are as follows:

(1) Liquid storage bottle;

(2) culture bottle;

(3) culture dish;

(4) pipette;

(5) centrifuge tube;

(6) others: such as triangular flask, beaker, measuring cylinder, funnel, syringe, etc.

laboratory construction

Design requirements for purification and decoration of stem cell laboratory construction:

1. The laboratory ceiling is made of dust-proof, smooth, fire-resistant color coated sandwich panel, both sides are sealed with aluminum channel, gaps between each two pieces of sandwich panel are sealed with neutral porcelain white glass glue;

2. The laboratory wall is made of dust-proof, smooth, fire-resistant color coated sandwich panel wall fixed with 50 X 30 aluminum channel ground fixed by steel nails and wood blocks;

3. The floor of the clean area of the laboratory is paved with special PVC floor, which meet the requirements of the national standard laboratory for fire protection grade of B 1, acid, alkali, corrosion and abrasion resistance;

4. The neutral porcelain white glass glue is used between the color steel sandwich panel to prevent from bacteria growing in the seam;

5. The connection between the floor and the wall, the wall and the wall, and between the wall and the ceiling shall be treated with aluminum alloy arc with a radius of 50 mm;

6. Treatment of column surface, internal and external wall corners by aluminum profiles to decorate:

aluminum alloy outer arc is installed at the external corners between the metal steel sandwich panel partitions, and R 50 aluminum alloy inner arc is installed at the internal wall corners between the partition walls, partition wall and the ceiling, and between the partition and the ground floor.

To see more projects, please kindly visit here.

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