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What are the fire safety requirements of using foam sandwich panels as temporary building materials?

Updated: Jun 6


It is necessary to meet the relevant requirements in the process of installation and use, especially in the fireproof performance of buildings, because foam sandwich panel is a particularly flammable material.

Once a fire occurs, the foam sandwich panel will make the droplets, which makes the fire rapidly expand, and it will release a large number of asphyxiating poisonous gas, this gas will cause certain obstacles to put out the fire. Therefore, when choosing polystyrene foam sandwich panel as prefab building material, we should take into account the safety of people living in the surrounding environment.

For the use of electrical appliances in prefab housing by eps sandwich panel, we should comply with considerable norms. Kerosene, gasoline and other flammable and explosive chemical dangerous goods are prohibited indoors, dangerous goods in warehouses are prohibited, motorcycles and gas bottles are prohibited. In addition, fire hydrants, carbon dioxide or ABC dry powder extinguishers and other fire fighting equipment must be equipped in the steel building according to the regulations.

Below is more points to prevent the sandwich panels from fire:

  • In the construction process of insulated panels, the core material should be far away from welding, gas welding and other naked flame operations.

  • In the process of using sandwich panels, a certain distance should be maintained from heat sources and fire sources. If the kitchen is to be set up in a sandwich panel room, a thermal insulation layer is needed, and a fireproof thermal insulation layer like rock wool should be installed on the wall.

  • Wires and cables should not be crossed from the core material. If crossing is needed, bushing, socket and switch box should be protected by galvanized metal box and open-packed method.

  • Simple fire extinguishers should be equipped indoors and outdoors of sandwich panel room, and fire alarms should be installed when conditions permit for rapid evacuation of personnel.

  • Maintaining a safe distance of at least 6 meters between sandwich panel houses. Keeping fire species away from flammable thermal insulation is one of the important ways to prevent fire in sandwich panel house.


But basically using a fire rated sandwich panel for roof and wall is a radical solution to prevent from fire.

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