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Tips about color steel sandwich panel

Updated: Jun 6

The color steel sandwich panel is widely used in the roof, wall, ceiling and partition of clean room projects, steel structure workshop and simple movable room. Color steel sandwich panel is now diversified and pervasive. The color steel plate can be cold-rolled steel plate or galvanized steel plate with chemical treatment on the surface then bake. Color steel plate is produced in rolls, which has the properties of high mechanical strength of steel materials, easy to form, as well as exquisite decoration and degradation resistance.

Color steel sandwich panel is a new material widely used in the world, which has the advantages of light weight, high strength, heat preservation and insulation, earthquake resistance and wind resistance, etc.

Color steel sandwich panel has the characteristics of light weight, flexible to be cut as required size on construction site, which determines that the installation of color steel sandwich panel is simple, it can increase project benefit and save construction time.

The thermal insulation material of clean room wall and ceiling are non-combustible materials, which can completely meet the requirements of fire protection code for clean room construction. The service life of color steel sandwich panel can reach more than 30-40 years, here are 4 tips of color steel sandwich panel.

1. Color steel sandwich panel are generally classified into: glass magnesium, rock wool, polystyrene foam, polyurethane foam, paper honeycomb and aluminum honeycomb etc. Paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb and polystyrene foam are not in compliance with the building standard of clean room. The popular option is rock wool sandwich panel or Mgo sandwich panel which are the fire proof materials to meet the construction code of clean room.

2. The galvanizing process of the steel sheet has a decisive influence on the quality of the sandwich panel, as well as the coating thickness. The hot-dip galvanizing plate is better than the cold galvanizing. There are some famous brands of steel coil in China, such as Bao steel and Huamei. Generally, Bao steel uses hot-dip galvanized steel sheet and its steel sheet thickness has no negative tolerance, which guarantee it has a good flatness and quality, but also with a higher sandwich panel price.

3. According to workmanship, color steel sandwich panel can be divided into manual type and continuous type. To choose a suitable type of sandwich panel for your project, you should have a target budget of the project, since maunal type costs higher than continuous type with a better overall effect and cleaniless. Especially when you are doing a walkable ceiling, it is better to use handmade type sandwich panel with high strength.

color steel sandwich panel wall for a pharmaceutical workshop
color steel sandwich panel wall for a pharmaceutical workshop

At present, most of pharmaceutical manufacturing companies choose hollow Mgo sandwich panel as clean room wall and ceiling considering its high strength, or rock wool sandwich panel because of its thermal resistance and fire resistance. To save cost, you can consider to use the flame retardant materials for areas of corridors, main pedestrian passageways and escape passageways. In the flammable and explosive area, to choose a fire rated sandwich panel instead.

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