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Low cost prefabricated house


Temporary houses, also known as composite houses and plank houses, are houses built for temporary residence, office or resettlement of people who are homeless due to disasters or other reasons.


Temporary houses are usually built with plates, and some can be removed and moved to other places for reconstruction. In addition, container houses converted from scrapped containers are also used as temporary houses.


Here we mainly introduce a low-cost type prefab house largely used for labor camp and site office in domestic market and oversea market. It is a k modular mobile house which is an environment-friendly and economical house with light steel as the skeleton, sandwich panel as the enclosure material, standard module series as the spatial combination, and bolt connection as the component.


This mobile house can be assembled and disassembled conveniently and quickly, realizing the general standardization of temporary buildings, establishing the building concept of environmental protection, energy conservation, fast and efficient, and making the temporary house enter a series of development, integrated production, supporting supply, inventory and reusable use of the finalized product field.


The outstanding feature of this mobile modular house is a kind of camping temporary building that can meet the needs of office, accommodation or professional and technical work through standardized design, factory production, on-site assembly or transportation to the site.


Compared with the traditional temporary work shed and fixed house, it has the following advantages:


1. Standard design, simple structure, factory production, beautiful appearance, economic and practical;

2. Anti-seismic, thermal insulation, moisture-proof, thermal insulation, etc.

3. Good protection, comfortable accommodation, quick disassembly and strong mobility;

4. Save maintenance costs and facilitate replacement;

5. It can be reused and has strong adaptability.


In foreign countries, mobile houses can be seen everywhere. They are composed of molded cardboard, foam plastic boards and aluminum materials, which can be built like building blocks. You can move in after connect the water pipe, gas pipe and electric wire.


Because of its low price, prefabricated k house is widely used abroad, if you want to know more about its cost, feel free to ask a quote.

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