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Temporary workforce housing


Temporary workforce housing is an important aspect of any construction project, providing safe and affordable accommodation for workers on the job. Our worker dormitories and worker camps are designed with modular construction in mind, making them easy to install and move to other sites when necessary. Our low-cost solutions are popular in South East Asian countries and are sure to make your project more efficient and cost-effective.


Temporary Workforce Housing offers a range of housing options designed to meet the specific needs of your business. Our rooms can be customized to fit your employee headcount and land area. Whether you need a big, open room for a larger group or several rooms to accommodate different employees or shifts, we have you covered. We can even provide office spaces, kitchens, and bathrooms to make your workers feel more at home.


Temporary Workforce Housing offers a wide range of construction materials from main structure, roofing sheet, wall and partition, door, window, and accessories. Our steel components are pre-drilled, making installation a breeze. The insulated sandwich panel roofs and walls we offer are specifically tailored to your project, ensuring easy and efficient assembly on-site without any cutting required. We are committed to working with you to meet your specific needs and provide the highest-quality products and services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you make your construction project a success!


How to get a proposal for your temporary workforce housing ?

  • You can kindly let us know your land area like length and width;

  • You can kindly let us know how many stories you want to build your workforce housing;

  • You can kindly let us know how many persons in a room;

  • You can send us a draft design drawing;

Based on this, we will make the drawing for your proposal for your confirmation


How to get a quotation for your temporary workforce housing ?

  • After the design confirmed, you can kindly let us know if any special requirement for the main steel structure materials, roofing, wall, doors, window etc;

  • Otherwise we will give you our standard options;

  • You can kindly let us know any additional fittings required, like electrical, water piping, furniture, sanitary ware etc; 

Based on above information, we will give you a full quotation accordingly. 

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