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What is hospital door ?

Updated: May 6, 2023

Is the hospital door the same as the ward door? Although it is used in the same field, there are still some differences between hospital door and ward door. Hospital door covers a wider range, including operating room door, consulting room door, access door, ward door, radiation room doors, access doors, toilet doors, fire access doors, etc. ... It can refer to all special doors in the hospital.

hospital ward room door

The ward door is generally only used in the ward area to isolate the aisle and ward, so as to form an independent space inside the ward. Glass windows will be installed on the door to facilitate medical staff to observe the situation inside the ward at any time and prevent emergencies. Patients need a quiet environment in the ward, and the ward door needs to have a certain sound insulation performance.

The ward door can be single door, child parent door or double door, which can be selected according to the actual situation. Usually, in order to facilitate the access of the hospital bed, the size of the child and mother door is generally adopted.

hospital door manufacturer china

The unequal double door is a special double leaf opposite door, which is composed of a door leaf with smaller width and a door leaf with larger width. At ordinary times, the small door leaf is fixed and only the main door leaf is opened to facilitate daily access, opening and closing. When there is a hospital bed or passing through, two door leaves can be opened at the same time. At this time, the passing distance is maximized to facilitate the access of the hospital bed.

The door of the consulting room is generally single door, and observation windows and bright windows can also be added.

The radiology department door is also known as the CT room door, also known as the anti-radiation door. The door must contain lead plate and have good tightness. Due to the addition of lead plate, the weight of the anti-radiation door is very high, and the manual opening method is difficult to be used in daily life, so the anti-radiation door will generally be opened electrically.

operation room door automatic sliding door

The door of the operating room is mainly made of clean plate, which is easy to clean, and the opening mode needs to adopt foot sensing or non-contact sensing to ensure that the hands of medical staff do not touch any objects before entering the operating room.

Generally, the access door is mainly double door, and there is also a way of opposite opening to facilitate the access of the hospital bed.

The toilet door shall be steel door or aluminum alloy door, or wooden door with very good moisture-proof performance.

As the name suggests, the fire access door is a fire door, which must have a fire prevention qualification certificate.

Features of hospital door:

  • Waterproof and moisture-proof

The daily cleaning work of the hospital is a great test for the medical door, which puts forward certain requirements for the waterproof and moisture-proof performance of the medical door. If the waterproof and moisture-proof performance of the door is insufficient, it will rust and peel if it is light, and mold and rust will wear through the panel if it is serious. Therefore, the medical door must have excellent waterproof performance. Excellent steel hospital doors need to use high-quality galvanized steel plate as the panel. At the same time, the surface adopts waterproof and moisture-proof spraying process, and the interior of the door leaf is filled with paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb or rock wool core material, which can effectively resist moisture and mildew.

hospital airtight door

  • Firm without shaking

People come in and out of the hospital every day, especially in the ward area. The medical staff regularly carry out inspection, injection and medication, doctor's bed check and relatives' visit. The hospital door needs to be opened and closed hundreds of times every day. If the hinge quality is not good or the door body is not firmly installed, the door cannot be used for a long time and frequently. Therefore, the medical door needs to adopt high-quality and durable stainless-steel hinges to prevent oxidation and rust and increase the bearing capacity. At the same time, the door frame structure and installation method need to be reasonably designed to ensure that the door is firm and does not shake.

  • Impact resistance, scratch resistance and corrosion resistance

It is inevitable that the hospital door will be hit by hospital beds and disabled wheelchairs. In addition, the hospital is a public place with many and miscellaneous people. Occasionally, there will be violence of kicking and slamming the door. If the compressive strength of the door is insufficient, it will inevitably cause the medical door to be unable to be used normally. Generally, the anti-collision belt can be added according to the specific use environment to improve the anti-collision performance of the door.

hospital clean room door

In addition, the hospital disinfects and sterilizes with disinfectant every day. The medical door needs to face the erosion of disinfectant for many years. In addition, the large passenger flow in the hospital and the sweat erosion in people's hands are also a major factor, which will cause the surface to fade under the erosion for a long time. The base material of the ward door is made of antibacterial and mildew proof galvanized steel plate, and the surface adopts electrostatic plastic spraying process. This kind of raw materials and production process have the characteristics of scratch resistance, scratch resistance, collision resistance and corrosion resistance, that is, it is not easy to fade when using corrosive organic solvent and wiping liquid.

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