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Why to do Dust Free Clean Room?

At present, the enterprises that need to do dust-free clean room workshop include: bio-pharmaceutical, precision manufacturing, medicine and health, electronic information, semiconductor, optoelectronics, aerospace, automobile spraying and many other industries.

The dust-free workshop is also called the dust-free room or clean room. It is the basis of pollution control. Without clean room, it is impossible to produce pollution sensitive parts in batch. In a certain space, it is an engineering discipline that removes the air particles, harmful air, bacteria and other pollutants, and controls the indoor temperature, cleanliness, pressure, air velocity and air distribution, noise, vibration, lighting and static electricity within a certain demand range.

why to do dust free clean room

The central air-conditioning photocatalysis air purification sterilizer module in the dust-free clean room workshop is composed of coated titanium dioxide fine wire mesh, primary and intermediate efficiency filter mesh, nano titanium dioxide photocatalysis room, intelligent control system and other factors. It is an efficient multi factor air purification sterilizer to prevent respiratory infectious diseases, prevent air borne virus and bacteria, eliminate smoking hazards and degrade indoor pollution.

The anion purification air system in the dust-free clean room workshop equipment can reduce the concentration of suspended particles in the air, but it can not kill bacteria, viruses, and decompose pollutants. Its main function is to clean the air, supplement the lack of anion in the room, and have a certain health care effect on the human body. The dust-free workshop has multiple procedures from primary filtration to complete purification, which can quickly kill viruses and bacteria in the air in a short time, eliminate pollution, smoke and odor.

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