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Clean room construction

Updated: May 22, 2023

1、 Definition of clean room

A clean room is a room specially designed to eliminate the pollutants such as particles, harmful air and bacteria in the air within a certain range of space, and to control the indoor temperature, cleanliness, indoor pressure, airflow speed and airflow distribution, noise, vibration, lighting and static electricity within a certain range of demand. That is to say, no matter how the external air conditions change, its interior can maintain the cleanliness, temperature, humidity, pressure and other characteristics of the original set requirements.

The volume of clean room is much smaller than that of dust-free workshop and purification plant. It usually refers to the purification project of single room. Clean room is a widely used project in the air dust-free purification project.

2、 Clean room grade

Integer grade table of air cleanliness of clean room and clean area:


3、 Components of clean room

The clean room is composed of the following systems (one of which is indispensable), otherwise it will not be able to form a complete and high-quality clean room.

  • Enclosure construction is the sealed space of the clean room, including:

1) Ceiling system: including suspender, grid beam and ceiling grid beam.

2) Partition wall: including windows and doors.

3) Floor: including elevated floor, anti-static board, epoxy self-flow floor, PVC purification floor, etc.

4) Indoor passage accessories: including air shower room, changing room, transfer window, etc.

construction of clean room ceiling system

  • Air conditioning and purification system, including:

1) purification unit;

2) filter system;

3) pipeline system: air pipe, water pipe, copper pipe, etc.

  • Intelligent control part, including:

1) lighting and lighting control;

2) intelligent and remote-control system;

4、 Clean room classification

Clean rooms are mainly divided into industrial clean rooms (dust-free) and biological clean rooms (dust-free, sterile).

The industrial clean room and the biological clean room are both clean rooms. The essential difference is mainly one for dust-free and one for sterile. The main purpose of the two is different, so the design and construction should be focused.

The industrial clean room is applicable to the fine machinery industry, electronic industry (semiconductor, integrated circuit, etc.) aerospace industry, high-purity chemical industry, atomic energy industry, optical and magnetic product industry (optical disk, film, tape consumption) LCD (liquid crystal glass), computer hard disk, computer magnetic head consumption and other industries.

The biological clean room is applicable to the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals (operating rooms, sterile wards), food, cosmetics, beverage products consumption, animal laboratories, physical and chemical laboratory, blood stations, etc.

Because the cleanliness requirements of clean room engineering are different in different industries, relevant standards should be followed in the design of clean room engineering to ensure that its environment meets the required standards.

5、 Construction of clean room

The construction of clean room is mainly to keep it tight and clean.

  • Main structure of clean room

The main structure of the clean room is generally reinforced concrete structure and brick wall enclosure. This process is the outermost clean barrier of the clean room. It should pay attention to:

1) The holes in concrete and brick walls should be repaired to reduce wall cracks;

2) Measures to prevent cracks shall be taken at the joint of concrete and brick wall;

3) The plastering of the interior and exterior walls should be carried out in layers to prevent cracks and hollowing on the wall, especially on the interior wall. It is generally believed that there are clean wall boards in the interior, and plastering is not necessary. In fact, it is a wrong idea. This layer of plastering is very important. The clean room decoration works can greatly help the later cleaning, and can reduce dust and noise by about 10%.


  • Clean room wall panel construction

At present, the general clean room is installed with clean room panel combination. During construction, it should pay attention to:

1) Before clean room construction, we must first draw the wall panel construction arrangement drawing according to the completed size of the site structure which can reduce the joint of the wall panel in advance, thus greatly reducing dust and other sundries, and improving the cleanliness;

2) The connecting strip between clean wall panels cannot be left out, otherwise it will be useless to apply glue at the seams in the future. As time goes on, the layers between wall boards will be staggered and the glue will crack;

3) Do not tear the protective film of the clean room sandwich panel until the floor and ceiling are finished;

4) The joints of the clean room panel shall be tight, tightly pressed against each other, and cannot be moved;

5) During the construction of clean room wallboard, the dust in the gap between the wallboard and the concrete and brick wall must be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, and the dust and garbage on the wall, ground and ceiling must be cleaned;

6) The door of the clean room must be airtight and have good sealing performance to ensure that the air and sound inside and outside the door are isolated.

  • Construction of clean room ceiling

The ceiling system is one of the basic systems of the clean room. During the construction of the clean room decoration project, please pay attention to:

1) Same with the construction of wall panels, the ceiling arrangement drawing shall be drawn according to the actual structural size of before construction the site;

2) Since the ceiling is usually serviced by people, it must have sufficient strength and rigidity to ensure that the ceiling will not deform after being serviced, and will not crack;

3) The joints between the fresh air of the air conditioner, lamps, etc. and the ceiling shall be tight and mutually tight.

construction of clean room walkable ceiling panels

  • Construction of ground system

When using epoxy resin self-leveling floor, please pay attention to:

1) The concrete base shall be flat and firm, and the cracks shall be repaired in advance to ensure that no cracks will occur after the completion of epoxy resin paint;

2) Epoxy materials shall meet the design requirements;

3) The base layer shall be polished flat, and the dust shall be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner while polishing;

4) After the completion of epoxy resin floor, clean vacuum cleaner must be used for dust collection, instead of ordinary vacuum cleaner.

clean room pvc floor

  • Clean room decoration gluing

Gluing is the last process. The quality of gluing directly affects the cleanliness of the clean room. When gluing, please pay attention to:

1) Materials shall meet the requirements;

2) Glue should be applied at every place without missing, including ceiling joint; wall panel joints; the joint of different materials; the joint between ceiling and wallboard; joint between wallboard and ground; joint between lamp and ceiling, joint between air vent and ceiling, etc.

3) In order to prevent the reaction between the material glue and epoxy paint, and make the glue discolor, the glue shall be applied after the completion of the epoxy paint floor.

  • General requirements for construction of clean room decoration works

1) All materials moved into the cleaning room must be cleaned;

2) The pipe well connected to the clean room must be cleaned with a clean vacuum cleaner;

3) When entering the clean room, you must wear clean clothes that meet the requirements, preferably nylon full-face clean clothes, and cotton clean clothes are prohibited;

4) During construction, the air shower room shall be installed in advance, and the air shower room must be passed before entering the clean room;

5) Clean room dust-free cloth shall be used when cleaning the walls in the clean room;

6) Special mops shall be used to clean the floor of the clean room;

7) When working, you must remember to always wipe from top to bottom, from the farthest place from the door to the direction of the door.

clean room doors specifications

To ensure the success of the civil construction of the clean room, the following principles should be followed: strictly control the procurement and use of materials;

  • well control the dust-free inspection of each process;

  • design reasonable construction action route;

  • strengthen the technical and quality education of construction personnel;

  • prepare all kinds of tools and instruments;

If you have a clean room to build, please kindly contact us for the materials.

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