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What is a clean booth and a clean room?

Updated: May 22, 2023

1、 Different definitions

clean booth
  • The clean booth refers to a small space enclosed in the clean room with anti-static mesh curtains or organic glass, and a space with a higher purification level compared to the clean room composed of HEPA and FFU air supply units above. The clean booth can be equipped with purification equipment such as air shower rooms, pass box, etc.

  • A clean room is a specially designed room that removes pollutants such as particles, harmful air, and bacteria from the air within a certain range of space, and controls the indoor temperature, cleanliness, indoor pressure, airflow velocity, airflow distribution, noise, vibration, lighting, and static electricity within a certain range of needs. That is, no matter how the external air conditions change, the interior can maintain the previously set performance characteristics such as cleanliness, temperature, humidity, and pressure. The main function of a clean room is to control the cleanliness, temperature, and humidity of the atmosphere in which the product is exposed, so that the product can be produced and manufactured in a good environmental space. Such a space is called a clean room;

2、 Material Comparison

  • Clean booth frames can generally be divided into three types: stainless steel square tubes, painted iron square tubes, and industrial aluminum profiles. Materials such as stainless-steel plate, painted cold plastic steel plate, anti-static grid curtain, and acrylic plexiglass can be used on the top and inside. The surrounding area is generally equipped with anti-static mesh curtains or plexi-glass, and the air supply department uses FFU clean air supply units.

  • Clean rooms generally use insulated sandwich panels as walls and ceilings, and have independent air conditioning and supply systems. The air passes through high efficiency and tertiary filtration, and personnel and materials are equipped with air shower rooms and pass box for clean filtration.

  • Selection of purification level for clean booth:

A relatively large number of customers will choose Grade 1000 or Grade 10000 clean booths, while a small number of customers will choose Grade 100 or Grade 10000 clean booths. In summary, the selection of a clean booth level depends on the customer's need for cleanliness. However, due to the relatively airtight clean booth, selecting a lower clean booth level often brings some side effects, such as insufficient cooling capacity, and employees may feel relatively stuffy inside the clean shed. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to this point in the actual communication process with customers.

  • Cost comparison between clean booth and clean workshop:

Clean booths are usually built in clean rooms, so there is no need to consider air shower rooms, pass boxes, and air conditioning systems. Compared to clean rooms, the cost will be greatly reduced. Of course, this is related to the materials, size, and cleanliness level required for clean sheds. The clean booth will be built in a clean room, but some customers do not want to build a separate clean workshop. Without considering the air-conditioning system, air shower rooms, pass boxes, and other purification equipment in the clean booth, the cost of the clean booth is about 40% to 60% of the cost of the clean room workshop, depending on the customer's choice of clean booth materials, and the size of the clean booth. The larger the area requiring cleaning, the smaller the cost difference between a clean booth and a clean workshop.

  • Advantages and disadvantages

1. A) Clean booth construction is fast, low cost, convenient for disassembly and reuse;

B) Due to the fact that the height of the clean booth is usually around 2 meters, using a large number of FFU can make the interior of the clean booth noisy;

C) Due to the lack of an independent air conditioning system, the interior of the clean booth often feels stuffy;

D) If the clean booth is not built in a clean room, due to the lack of medium efficiency air filter filtration, the relative life of the high efficiency filter in the clean room will be shortened, and such frequent replacement of the high efficiency filter will increase the cost.

2. A) Clean room construction is slow and costly;

B) The height of the clean room is usually around 2600 MM, and the staff will not feel depressed when working inside.

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