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Clean room door specification

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Steel clean room door has many advantages, such as good isolation and airtightness, strong anti-corrosion ability, and various ways to open the door. Do you know what are its common sizes? Here we will give you a brief introduction.

  • The national standard has clear requirements on the gap size of each lap joint, requiring that the lap joint between the leaf and the door frame shall not be less than 10mm, and the gap between the leaf and the door frame on both sides shall not be more than 3mm. After the steel airtight door is installed, the gap shall not be too large, otherwise the airtight performance of the steel door is difficult to guarantee.

  • There are certain standards for the appearance quality of airtight steel doors. The surface of the observation window should be smooth, the color should be basically uniform, there should be no cracks, bubbles, flat welds, and there should be no scars, impurities and other defects that affect the use. The installation of the test piece shall be close to the stress condition in actual use. The installed test piece shall comply with the standard state in the design. For example, the window surface shall be vertical and the lower frame shall be horizontal. Deformation due to installation is not allowed.

  • The airtight clean room door is made of stainless-steel plate, cold plate, electrostatic spraying and other materials according to the needs of customers. The width of single door is generally 800-1000mm; The width of standard double door is generally 1200-1500mm. The height of standard door is generally 2000mm, 2050mm and 2100mm.

The door hole of airtight steel door installation must be strictly controlled. Installation according to these standards and specifications can ensure the effective function of steel door to a certain extent.

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