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Sandwich panel price

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

How much is the color steel sandwich panel per square meter? What kind of color steel sandwich panel is most suitable for you? There are many sandwich panel manufacturers and there are various specifications of panels. How to correctly select and purchase products suitable for your project? It is not advised to only seek cheap products and only concerned about the cost of the sandwich panels, whether there is a big steel structure building or just a small project.

The advantages of sandwich panel products are prominent, mainly in the following aspects: First, sandwich panel price is low, compared to other similar construction products, its cost is reasonable, but the use stability is not worse than any other similar products. Under normal conditions, customers hardly need to deliberately carry out regular maintenance, and the service life can reach over 20 years.

Secondly, the insulated panels have a certain decorative effect, with a smooth surface and strong color selectivity, which can meet the personal preferences of customers.

Moreover, during the construction process, the insulation sandwich panel highlights its characteristics, fast construction and easy installation. They can be reused for several times as long as they are not destructively removed.

Currently, there are a variety of insulated sandwich panel manufacturers in the market, it is particularly important to understand some necessary color steel panel knowledge for selecting and purchasing this kind of products.

The main categories of sandwich panel products on the market are: EPS panel, rock wool composite panel, glass wool sandwich board, PU panel etc., with different performance on fire retardant, thermal insulation, sound resistance. And another type clean room panel which is relatively targeted at production workshop which require a higher cleanliness environment.

You will find many different sandwich panel price when you are looking for the products. Then how should we start? Here are some steps for your reference:

The choice of brand and high-quality raw materials for color coated coils can be a necessary factory to produce a qualified sandwich panel. Some brands have good quality and a reasonable price. The industry recognized Bao steel coils have particularly good quality, but with a relatively high price. The price of poor coils is relatively low, but later there will be quality problem like paint removal or unbearable, so it is important to choose a better steel sheet supplier.

Second, understand the application of the project. You should make it clear the required feature of the products for your project. For examples, if you want to build a residential house, then choose the insulation composite board. If you want to build a processing workshop, then consider thermal insulation and fire prevention, rock wool board can be considered. To build temporary dormitories on construction sites, then more than 90% of them choose foam sandwich panels. The factors that affect the sandwich panel price include the thickness, colors, core insulation materials, and the thickness of the sandwich panel.

Here gives you the summary:

How much is the sandwich panel price? It depends on the specific use of the panel construction. Check clear the origin of the prepainted steel coil, the thickness of the panel, thickness of the metal skin, the color, and core material type etc. Then you will be able to find a suitable manufacturer and a suitable product for your project.

Welcome your inquiry about our sandwich panel price.

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