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Operation room airtight automatic sliding door

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

In order to adapt to the current economic environment and the development of medical and health undertakings, people's demand for hospital facilities and environment has also changed. Hospitals no longer only use medical devices as the only means to treat diseases, but also create a peaceful and warm environment for the psychological needs of patients. The design of medical automatic door body adopts large flat stain-less steel plate, galvanized steel plate, aluminum plastic plate, PVC steel plate or fireproof plate with electrostatic spraying on the surface. The door body can have multiple colors. Special rubber seals are installed around the automatic door, which can reliably fit with the door frame when the door is closed to ensure the air tightness of the door.


The new building decoration consciousness requires the medical door of the operating room to adapt to the medical function and highlight the characteristics of each medical function module. For example, first aid emphasizes the concept of time, simple process, clear division of functions and close connection in architectural design, and emphasizes improving the success rate of first aid.

The medical door of the operating room also needs to meet the professional requirements of the hospital, such as no dust, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, antibacterial, moisture-proof, mildew and fire prevention, and easy cleaning. The color must meet the specific requirements of each department. It cannot be too gorgeous or too dark. It is better to use mild and elegant colors, such as sky blue, light green, etc.


The medical door of the operating room also needs to meet the requirements of environmental protection. In recent years, the role of environmental protection in social development has become more and more prominent, and the concept of low-carbon has become more and more popular. The medical door of the operating room should also comply with the trend of the times, keep up with the pace of energy conservation and low carbon, comprehensively consider the environmental impact and resource efficiency, develop a new manufacturing mode, minimize the impact of the whole production and use cycle of the product on the environment and improve the resource utilization rate to the highest. Adjust the industrial structure of products to develop in the direction of energy conservation and low carbon, research and develop energy-saving materials, and eliminate backward and environmentally friendly materials and production processes.


How to maintain the airtight automatic sliding door of the operating room?

Air tight door is a swing door or sliding door integrating air tightness, sound insulation, heat preservation, compression resistance, dust prevention, fire prevention and radiation prevention. It is generally used in hospitals, food factories, industrial plants and other places with high requirements for sound insulation, heat insulation and air tightness. Today, let's share with you the automatic sliding air tight door, which can also be called the operating room sensing door.

Below is to analyze how to maintain the airtight sensing door of the operating room?

  • In order to maintain the responsive door of the operating room, we should clean the automatic sliding door, not only clean the door leaf, but also wipe the residual water on the surface after cleaning, so as to avoid the corrosion of the door body and some parts caused by water residue. In addition, it is also necessary to keep the area near the sensing door of the hospital operating room clean, and remove the accumulated dust and debris in time, so as to avoid affecting the sensing device of the sensing door and causing insensitivity.

  • When using the sensing door in the operating room, be sure not to let heavy objects and sharp tools collide and scratch the sensitive door, so as to avoid the deformation of the sensing door, resulting in the enlargement of the gap between the door leaves and the damage of the surface protective layer, resulting in the decline of its service performance.

  • The cooperation between various parts of the operating room sensing door is very important during operation, so during maintenance, the guide rail and ground wheel should be regularly maintained and inspected, cleaned and lubricated to avoid the hidden danger of failure of the sensing door.

  • In the process of use, a lot of dust will accumulate in the chassis of the sensing door in the operating room. In order to avoid poor operation of the sensing door in the opening and closing movement, the chassis should be cleaned regularly and with the power off, so as to ensure the safety of maintenance work.


The operating room airtight automatic sliding door is very important for the operating room. It can not only avoid the excessive inflow of external air into the operating room that has been sterilized, but also provide convenience for the access of hospital personnel and avoid the impact on the operation. Therefore, in the process of use, it is necessary to maintain the operating room sensing door to ensure that the sensing door can have the best operation quality.

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